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UNK Welcomes NCA

Table of Contents

Chapter One - - UNK and the University of Nebraska: The First Years

Contours of the Post-KSC Leadership Challenge
Planning and Focus for Excellence
Achieving Academic Distinction
Student Learning and Development
Campus Infrastructure
Community/Regional Context
Overview and Outlook

Chapter Two - - UNK and the North Central Association

Accreditation History
NCA Team Report
     Institutional Strengths
     Institutional Concerns
     Other Evaluative Comments

Chapter Three - - Criterion One

Overview: Institutional and Educational Goals
Processes Through Which the Institution Evaluates Its Purposes
Decision Making Processes Appropriate to its Stated Mission and Purposes
Understanding of the Stated Purposes by Institutional Constituencies
Efforts to Keep the Public Informed of Institutional and Educational Goals
Support for Freedom of Inquiry for Faculty and Students
Institutional Commitment to Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Chapter Four - - Criterion Two

Administration and Governance
Human Resources
Financial Resources
Physical Resources

Chapter Five - - Criterion Three

National and State Accreditations of UNK Departments and Programs
Overview of Academic Programs
College of Business & Technology
College of Education
College of Fine Arts and Humanities
College of Natural and Social Sciences
General Studies Program
Interdisciplinary Programs
Other Academic Initiatives
Undergraduate Student Research
Calvin T. Ryan Library
Assessment of Appropriate Student Academic Achievement
Efforts Made to Insure Effective Teaching Center, Service and Scholarship
Student Services that Effectively Support the Institutions Purposes
Academic Support for Students
Staff and Faculty Services That Contribute to the Institution's Effectiveness
Support for Research, Fine and Creative Arts, Community Service, and Needs of Sponsoring Organizations and Other Special Constituencies
Community Attractions

Chapter Six - - Criterion Four

Current Resource Base
Decision Making Processes
Assessment Processes
Effective Planning Processes
Resources Organized to Strengthen Institution

Chapter Seven - - Criterion Five

Essential Norms: Institutional Values and Commitments
Processes Ensuring Alignment With These Standards
The Record

Chapter Eight - - Summary and Conclusions

Request for Continued Accreditation


Appendix A - The General Institutional Requirements

Appendix B - College and Department Strategic Plans and Outcomes
Appendix C - University Organizational Charts: (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
                  University of Nebraska
                  University of Nebraska at Kearney

Appendix D - Resources Data

Appendix E - Basic Institutional Data Forms

List of Acronyms