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UNK Welcomes NCA

NCA Steering Committee Meeting
November 20, 2002
Warner Conference Room

Those present: Bill Wozniak, David Palmer, John Oseth, Erica Wendland, Kathy Livingston, Mike Herbison, Mike Bohnhoff, Randy Haack, Lois Flagstad, Ken Nikels and Jill Hays

Not present: Liz Peck, Marilyn Hadley, and Glen Powell

Bob Appleson will be the NCA Liaison. He is scheduled to visit UNK on Thursday March 27, 2003. Steering Committee members should plan on a breakfast meeting with him on that date.

For the Self-Study, how we want to "tell our story" needs to be determined. One key point is that 10 years ago we went from KSC to UNK. Now we can "complete" the story.

A hybrid approach was suggested; being honest about our weaknesses. Most chapters should be based on criteria with a few supporting chapters for expansion.

Working groups were formed and campus involvement will be broadened when these are fully formed.

Seeking input could come in the form of feedback via a web-site and open forums.

We have to decide how we'll treat the GIR. A separate section was suggested; might be something the Steering Committee should handle. Having a separate chapter, appendix or folding into another chapter are the options.

Working-Committee involvement will be mainly faculty-oriented, but student and staff involvement is equally important.

Working-Committees are (Chairs are bolded):
1. Mission/Purpose Ken Nikels, Glen Powell
2. Resources Mike Herbison, Erica Wendland, Randy Haack, Jeanne Cutler
3. Assessment/Accomp. Liz Peck, Bill Wozniak, David Palmer
4. Plan Contin. Effect. Marilyn Hadley, Mike Bohnhoff, Ron Crocker
5. Institutional Integrity Lois Flagstad, Bill Wozniak
Reading/Editing John Oseth, Ken Nikels
Data Committee Kathy Livingston, Mike Bohnhoff, Randy Haack
Resource Room Ken Nikels, Kathy Livingston, Jeanne Cutler

Keeping sub-committees to 5 or 6 members was suggested.

Copies of Chapter 4 and Addendum needs to go to committee chairs.

Next meeting:

The next meeting has been changed to 3:00 p.m. on the 17th in the Lincoln Conference Room.