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UNK Welcomes NCA

NCA Steering Committee Meeting
February 4, 2002
Warner Conference Room

Those present: Glen Powell, Bill Wozniak, Marilyn Hadley, Kathy Livingston, Liz Peck, David Palmer, Mike Bohnhoff, Randy Haack, Phyllis Harris, John Oseth, Ken Nikels and Jill Hays

Not present: Ron Crocker, Lois Flagstad, and Erica Wendland

Ken Nikels reported that Bob Appleson will fly in to Lincoln the eve of March 26 and be on campus March 27 all morning and early afternoon. It was suggested that he meet with students, faculty, the Chancellor and maybe have a luncheon with the steering committee. His visit is to primarily review where UNK is in its self-study process and provide insight and direction.

Transportation for Mr. Appleson to and from Lincoln is being worked out.

The Chairs of the working groups may need to meet to compare/share chapter outlines in order to avoid duplication. It would be helpful to have the reading/editing committee there also.

The web-site needs to be implemented quickly. Information to post would include the self-study plan, steering committee membership, chapter outlines, a timetable, date of visits and a link to the NCA homepage. Everything should be labeled with "DRAFT" at this point.

The NCA Annual meeting is in mid April. Possible attendance along with costs were discussed.

Chapter outlines were reviewed by working group chairs and will be distributed electronically to all steering committee members. Please share these with working groups and be prepared to discuss them more thoroughly at our next meeting.

The next meeting is Tuesday, February 18 at 3:00 p.m. in the Warner Conference Room.