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UNK Welcomes NCA

North Central Self Study
Chapter 7: Criterion 5

Lois Flagstad/Bill Wozniak-Working-Group Co-Chairs, Daryl Kelley, Bill Jurma, Jon McBride, Cami Wacker, Kim Schipporeit, and Mary Daake

The institution demonstrates integrity in its practices and relationships.
(The subcommittee for the composition of Chapter 7 (Criterion 5, Institutional Integrity) assumed that the best approach is to follow the suggested patterns of evidence.)
  1. Student, faculty, and staff handbooks that describe various institutional relationships with those constituencies, including appropriate grievance procedures.
    1. Regents Bylaws
    2. Student Handbook
    3. Student-Athlete Handbook
    4. Faculty Handbook
    5. Staff Handbook
    6. Residential and Greek Life Handbook
    7. Information Technology Policies
  2. Policies and practices for the resolution of internal disputes within the institution's constituency.
    1. Ombuds Office
    2. Affirmative Action
    3. Student Court and Student Senate
    4. Grievance Committee, Professional Conduct Committee, & Faculty Senate
    5. Human Resource Management
    6. Office of Multi-cultural Affairs
  3. Policies and practices consistent with its mission related to equity of treatment, nondiscrimination, affirmative action, and other means of enhancing access to education and the building of a diverse educational community.
    1. System-wide Legal Consultants
    2. AA/EO Office
    3. ADA and Gender Equity Committees
    4. Grievance Procedures
    5. Nondiscrimination policies
    6. Sexual Harassment Policy
  4. Transcripts that follow commonly accepted practices and accurately reflect student learning.
    1. Registrar's Office, includes on-line audits
  5. Institutional publications, statements, and advertising that describe accurately and fairly the institution, its operations, and its programs.
    1. Admissions
    2. Catalogs
    3. Class schedules
    4. Viewbooks
    5. Department and College publications
    6. Alumni Office publications
    7. The Antelope
  6. Relationships with other institutions of higher education conducted ethically and responsibly.
    1. Articulation Agreements
    2. 2 + 2 agreements
    3. Allied Health program agreements
    4. Transfer Guide
    5. RMAC Ethical guidelines
  7. Appropriate support for resources shared with other institutions.
    1. Joint program with other institutions: Nursing, Dietetics, German, Engineering
    2. Continuing Education Programs, including MONA
    3. Interlibrary Loan & other programs within the University
    4. Public Sector Task Force
    5. Cooperative efforts with Kearney Public Schools and other school systems
    6. County Extension
  8. Policies and procedures regarding institutional relationships with and responsibility for intercollegiate athletics, student associations, and subsidiary or related business enterprises.
    1. NCAA Guidelines
    2. Student Organizations
    3. Student Code of Conduct
    4. Camp Contracts
    5. Athletic Associates
  9. Oversight processes for monitoring contractual arrangements with government, industry, and other organizations.
    1. VC for Business and Finance
    2. Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
    3. Sponsored Programs
    4. Nebraskan Student Union
      1. Chartwells
    5. Student Health (coop with Kearney Clinic)