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UNK Welcomes NCA

North Central Self Study
Chapter 3: Criterion I

Ken Nikels-Working-Group Chair, Rick Miller, Kathy Smith

The institution has clear and publicly stated purposes consistent with its mission and appropriate to an institution of higher education.
  1. Overview
  2. Mission Statement
    1. Core strengths (residential, undergraduate, etc.)
    2. stated purposes (short and long-range goals from Strategic Plan)
    3. Distinctive features
  3. Processes of Evaluation of Purposes
    1. Strategic Planning Council
    2. Prioritization Process
    3. Academic Program Review
    4. Faculty/Staff/Student Senates
    5. Assessment
    6. Dissemination of Plan for feedback and continuous updating
  4. Decision-making Processes
    1. Role of Administrative Council, Strategic Planning Council, Senates, etc.
    2. Use of Assessment, APR
  5. Institutional Constituency Understanding of Purposes
    1. Advisory Committees, Web pages, Surveys, News Releases, E-mail
    2. Self-Understanding
  6. Efforts to keep Public Informed
    1. Publications, Web, E-mail
    2. Advisory Committees
    3. Community Visits
  7. Support for Freedom of Inquiry
    1. Faculty Support (PDL, Travel, RSC, OSP, etc.)
    2. Student Support (URC, SET funds)
    3. Student Research Emphasis
    4. Technology, Library
    5. UNKEA
  8. Commitment to Excellence in Teaching and Learning
    1. Quality Faculty and Students (Honors Program)
    2. Graduate Faculty and Fellow appointments
    3. Physical Plant Construction and Renovation
    4. Center for Teaching Excellence
    5. Teaching Awards
    6. Student/Peer Review and Annual Evaluation of Teaching
    7. Accreditations
    8. General Studies Program and WI/CD requirements
    9. Assessment/APR
    10. First Year Experience