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UNK Welcomes NCA

NCA Steering Committee Meeting
March 13, 2002
Warner Conference Room

Those present: David Palmer, Mike Bohnhoff, Lois Flagstad, Ron Crocker, Ken Nikels and Jill Hays

Not present: Erica Wendland, Bill Wozniak, Kathy Livingston, Randy Haack, Marilyn Hadley, Liz Peck, Glen Powell, Phyllis Harris and John Oseth

Dr. Nikels called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. and reported on the meeting of Committee Chairs. It was concluded that writing needs to begin in order to determine if there is overlap or duplication between chapters. During this period, the Steering Committee should continue to meet regularly to monitor the writing progress.

Regarding Bob Appleson's visit, if there are questions regarding NCA or its process, they should be asked as we need to utilize him as much as possible. It was mentioned that updated faculty resumes will need to be available in the resource room.

Lois Flagstad reported the working group for Chapter 4, Criterion 2 should have all data collected from HR, Facilities, Finance and Institutional Data by April 8. She also mentioned the Integrity piece (Criterion 5) is in the beginning stages.

Mike Bohnhoff will inquire to UC Denver and Northern Iowa regarding their NCA outcome.

The Chancellor along with Ken Nikels is going to attend the NCA Conference in April.

Ken Nikels will be in touch with Bob Appleson to pinpoint the dates regarding the visit next year. It's possible a review team will be put together by the time Dr. Appleson visits UNK.

Mike is looking into a 1997 Strategic Plan update from the colleges and an Annual Report from the Vice Chancellor.