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UNK Welcomes NCA

NCA Steering Committee Meeting
November 10, 2003
Warner Conference Room

Those present: Ken Nikels, Kathy Livingston, Bill Wozniak, Mike Bohnhoff, Glen Powell, Lois Flagstad, David Palmer, Marilyn Hadley, Randy Haack, Ron Crocker, and Jan Mitchell

Not present: Phyllis Harris

Dr. Nikels called the meeting to order and distributed hard copy of chapters 1, 4, 5 and 7. Dean Hadley distributed chapter 6.

Ken reported that he has not made any progress on an editor for this document. He will talk to SVCAA Hadley again on November 11 to see if they can make arrangements for one individual to edit the entire document. It may be necessary to have 2 or 3 individuals do the editing so the project isn't so time consuming. Mike Bohnhoff has offered to assist with this process. He and Ken will review the draft documents for any major discrepancies before we put the document on the web.

Marilyn suggested having an executive summary to take to the different campus groups rather than the entire document. It was suggested that we have the entire document available to the campus along with the executive summary. Randy suggested the working group chairs submit information for their chapters to one person and have that individual put together the executive summary.

We will put the information into one document before sending it out to the campus. Bill suggested that the steering committee will continue to review the document at the same time. Any questions/comments that arise from the campus review should be directed to Mike Bohnhoff or Ken Nikels.

There was a general discussion on how and who we want to meet with during the campus review process. Open forums, focus groups, committees, and individual college groups were all suggested. Mike asked if we will ask these groups to give a formal response. It was decided that we would.

Marilyn said that the strengths and concerns that were listed in chapter 4 were very helpful and asked if other groups could do the same. This lead to a general discussion on the writing process and how each group chooses to address institutional weaknesses. Kathy reminded everyone that this review is to be an Institutional review, not just an academic review. A rather lengthy discussion followed concerning assessment of non-academic areas and how to address this. It was suggested that Chapter 4 include this information. Mike brought up the student satisfaction and other campus surveys. This information is not in the document and we needs to be.

In review:

  1. Get the most up to date information to Ken by Monday morning, November 17.
  2. Ken and Mike will review this information for discrepancies.
  3. Jan Mitchell will compile one document for distribution to the campus. She will work with Jeanne Cutler to get the document on the web.
  4. Get draft self-study distributed to the UNK community during the week of November 17.

We did not schedule another meeting at this time. It may be necessary for the steering committee to meet in December after the campus review process. Meeting was adjourned at 4:40.