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North Central Self Study
Chapter 5: Criterion Three

The institution is accomplishing its education and other purposes.

College of Fine Arts and Humanities

Mission Statement

The College of Fine Arts and Humanities strives to provide students with a strong liberal arts education. The College provides a wide variety of general studies courses, undergraduate majors and minors in a variety of disciplines, and several graduate programs. The mission of the College and its departments is congruent with UNK's mission to assist students with acquiring knowledge about the accomplishments of civilization, the preservation, enrichment, and transmission of culture across a broad range of disciplines. The College recognizes the necessity and centrality of artistic and humanistic expression to student's education. More information regarding its mission is provided at The departments in the College and their websites are:

Art and Art History:
Modern Languages:
Music and Performing Arts:
Theatre Arts:

Degree and Programs

The College's departments offer five undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Arts in Education, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Music.

Bachelor of Arts:

Bachelor of Arts in Education:

Bachelor of Fine Arts:

Bachelor of Science:

Bachelor of Music:

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