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North Central Self Study
Chapter 5: Criterion Three

The institution is accomplishing its education and other purposes.

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Mission Statement

The College of Natural and Social Sciences is committed to providing an academically sound general studies program, majors in the liberal arts and professional programs, coordinated support of programs offered by other Colleges in the University, and selected graduate programs. The curriculum provides students with a scientific and humanistic perspective which is necessary for a quality liberal arts education. The College encourages students to develop habits of critical thinking, to value academic rigor, to appreciate the complexity and diversity of the human condition and the world around them, and to develop a base of knowledge which will allow them to be successful and responsible members of the community. More information on the College's mission statement may be found at

The mission of the College is congruent with UNK's mission to provide excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service in order to foster in each student the personal and intellectual qualities essential to responsible life in society. The College mission is further reinforced more specifically in the mission statements for each department. Links to mission statements which reflect the unique roles of each department/program follow:

Computer Science and Information Systems:
Criminal Justice and Social Work:
   Criminal Justice Program:
   Social Work Program:
Health Science Programs:
Mathematics and Statistics:
Physics and Physical Science:
Political Science:
Sociology, Geography, and Earth Science:
   Geography and Earth Science:

Degree Programs

The eleven departments of the College of Natural and Social Sciences offer the following undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor of Science:

Bachelor of Science in Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Education:

Bachelor of Arts:

Strategic Planning Outcomes Since 1994

Each of the Colleges developed 10 year (1995-2005) strategic plans in response to the recommendations from the 1994 North Central Accreditation Self Study. In addition to the recommendations from the Self Study, information obtained from accrediting agency self studies for specific programs, NCATE, and AACSB have been utilized to establish (or revise) College and Department objectives or goals in the strategic plans. Assessment information from surveys or assessments of students have been utilized as part of the process of implementing the strategic plans as well. The program development efforts at the Departmental level have more specifically reflected planning at the College level as well as self study information from Academic Program Reviews. As a result of the strategic planning efforts a significant number of changes at the College and/or Departmental level have occurred since 1994. The outcomes for each College are presented in Appendix B, as well as summative examples for each Department.

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