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North Central Self Study
Chapter 5: Criterion Three

The institution is accomplishing its education and other purposes.

Community Attractions

In recognition of the University's mission in the preservation of the culture of the region, UNK has worked to restore and maintain historic points of interest on the campus. Two major sites include:

Frank House

The University of Nebraska at Kearney owns and operates the Frank House, an elegant Richardsonian Romanesque mansion built in 1889. It was registered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. An advisory board helps promote community awareness, helps secure major funding for the completion of the restoration master plan and also assists in the recruitment and scheduling of volunteers. The Friends of the Frank House help in the fund-raising events and beautification of the surroundings. The Frank House is the site of university functions including performances and receptions. An annual afternoon Christmas Walk at the Frank House starts the Wednesday after Thanksgiving Day and continues for two weeks.

Spillway Park

The historical Kearney Power Plant, situated on an industrial tract of land northwest of the UNK Health and Sports Center and south of Kearney Lake, is now referred to as the Kearney Spillway. The spillway was built in 1886 to provide hydroelectric power to the City of Kearney by means of a small electrical plant that is extant. Through a joint effort of the Nebraska Public Power District, the City of Kearney, and the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the spillway perimeter is now being made into a public park through landscaping, planting, the addition of a gazebo and bridge, and planned restoration of the old, now UNK-owned, power plant. Improvement of Spillway Park started in 1987 and has been on-going since that time.

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