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UNK Welcomes NCA

North Central Self Study

Chapter 1: UNK and the University of Nebraska:
The First Years


Headcount enrollment at UNK has declined substantially since 1991 (and since the last Self-Study Report). Several factors account for this:

UNK's 1995 strategic plan established an overall objective to stabilize enrollment. A new Dean of Continuing Education was hired to re-invigorate off-campus programs, and a new organization was created in Student Affairs (with new personnel) to lead undergraduate recruitment. In 2000-01 the campus redoubled efforts to recruit students, focusing particularly on new full-time freshmen and transfers. Planning featured (1) a broad operating partnership among marketers, admissions, and academic and other departments, and (2) a new scholarship strategy generating a variety of initiatives to make UNK a more attractive option for good students. General operational aims in each recruiting cycle were to increase the number of applications to UNK and to increase the enrolled yield from the applicant pool.

Since the new strategy has been deployed, results have been encouraging in several ways:

Although off-campus enrollments continue well below 1991 levels, UNK is now on a much better enrollment trajectory with respect to on-campus students, as a result of concerted planning and operational coordination of marketing and recruitment efforts. Moreover, as the education "product" at UNK has improved over the last dozen years, the institution has become more advantageously positioned to attract new students.

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