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Chapter 4: Criterion Two

The institution has effectively organized the human, financial, and
physical resources necessary to accomplish its purposes.

Human Resources

Administrators, Managerial/Professional, and Office/Service Staff

UNK's human resource system recognizes three categories of non-faculty and non-student employees: administrators, managerial/professional, or office/service staff. The following paragraphs briefly review each of these categories.

Administrators. This category includes vice chancellors, deans, and most unit directors. The number of full-time administrators increased from 33 in FY 1993 to 38 in FY 1998 and to 47 in FY 2003. Some of this increase is due to a recent reclassification of employees.

Managerial/Professional. The Managerial/Professional subcategory includes persons serving in nonacademic professional positions including technical specialists, directors not included in the academic-administrative staff, and departmental managers. The number of employees in this category has grown from 74 in FY 1993 to 136 in FY 2003.

Office/Service Staff. This category includes all persons who perform work that by custom in business, industry, and other institutions of higher education is managed on an hourly basis with such work compensated according to hours worked. The number of UNK employees in this category went from 237 in FY 1993 to 245 in FY 2003.

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