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UNK Welcomes NCA

Chapter 4: Criterion Two

The institution has effectively organized the human, financial, and
physical resources necessary to accomplish its purposes.

Administration and Governance

BOR-Established Peer Group

The Board of Regents has established a group of peer institutions for each campus in the University of Nebraska system. The Board uses peer comparisons to judge the adequacy of faculty salaries, with the goal to reach comparability in faculty salaries with the peer institutions. UNK also uses peer institutions for several internal analyses, including benchmarking revenues, expenditures, and tuition rates. This chapter makes comparisons to this peer group in several sections.

Since institutions differ in size, programs offered, and some internal accounting practices, peer comparisons are not a perfect measure. They do provide, however, some basis for comparison. The following list identifies those institutions selected by the Board of Regents as UNK's peers. It also provides headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollments for these institutions in the fall of 2002. The FTE enrollment equals full-time headcount plus one-third of part-time headcount.

Institution Headcount             FTE
Minnesota State University - Moorhead 7,431 6,793
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point 8,885 8,122
University of Northern Iowa 14,167 12,370
Central Missouri State University 10,313 8,503
Western Illinois University 13,461 11,509
University of Northern Colorado 12,434 11,009
Northern Michigan University 9,016 7,897
Murray State University (Kentucky) 9,915 8,206
Sam Houston State University (Texas) 13,091 10,865
University of Central Arkansas 8,552 7,879
Peer Average 10,757 9,315
UNK 6,395 5,445



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