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Chapter 4: Criterion Two

The institution has effectively organized the human, financial, and
physical resources necessary to accomplish its purposes.

Financial Resources

Restricted Funds

Overview. Restricted funds are monies conditionally accepted by an institution for a specific purpose established by the individual, organization, or agency that grants the funds. By accepting the funds under the specified conditions, the institution has a contractual obligation to spend the funds according to the terms of the agreement. Figure 4.17 in Appendix D shows the details of revenues and expenditures for restricted funds from FY 1993 to FY 2003.

Revenue Trends. UNK's restricted revenues come from four different sources: federal grants and contracts, state grants and contracts, local and private grants and contracts, and interest earnings from idle funds. The highlights of restricted fund revenues are as follows:

Expenditure Trends. Higher education fund accounting principles include current fund restricted expenditures in the same functional categories used for current fund unrestricted expenditures. The highlights of restricted fund expenditures are as follows:

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