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Chapter 5: Formatting Requirements

Section 5.1 Requirements from the UNK Graduate Admissions and Programs Office

Paper and Printing
The original thesis must be printed on watermarked paper of at least 25 percent cotton and at least 20 pound weight; duplicate copies may be printed on 16 pound paper. Page size must be eight and one-half inches by eleven inches.

Except for the original, duplicate copies may be photocopied. If in doubt about paper or print quality please bring a sample to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval.

Word Processing
The thesis must be printed on one side of the paper with a laser or laser-quality printer.

A left-hand margin of 1.5 inches, a right-hand margin of 1.0 inch, and top and bottom margins of 1.25 inches each are required unless special permission is obtained. Illustrations and appendices should also conform to this requirement. See Example 1.

Departments require the use of a particular style that has been approved in the profession. See the section on style manuals in this document.

Photography, maps, diagrams, and drawings may be included on graph paper in such a way as not to be obscured when the project is bound. Preferably, small illustrations are placed in the text.

Table and Figures
Tables and figures should be numbered and labeled in accordance with the style manual being used. Tables or figures larger than the page size (8.5 by 11 inches) should be folded leaving binding space on the left margin of at least 2 inches, and any folded edge should fall 0.5 inch within the corresponding edge of the project. Reduction techniques should be used only with special permission.

The pages of the text should be numbered with Arabic numerals according to the style manual being used. Begin page 1 following any preliminary pages.

Title Page
The title page should closely follow the form illustrated in this guide (see Example 2) with respect to order, spacing, and capitalization. No abbreviations or punctuation should be used.

Acceptance Page
An acceptance page on watermarked paper of at least 25 percent cotton and at least 20 pound weight must be included following the title page. The page will be typed as part of the project. The committee chair and committee members will sign it following acceptance of the thesis by the committee at the time of the oral examination. (see Example 3)

An abstract must be included following the acceptance page. It should follow the same guidelines for margins and spacing, and be consistent with the style manual being used. The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Table of Contents
The thesis should include a table of contents following the title page, acceptance page, abstract, and any other preliminary pages. The Table of Contents should list all the principal topics, subdivisions, and enumerate the illustrations, tables, and figures in the order in which they are to be bound.

Thesis format check, binding, copies needed, and electronic submission
You should submit the first 10 pages of the thesis including the preliminary pages three weeks prior to graduation for a format check. The original thesis and four copies will then be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for review and acceptance before being submitted for binding. The student is responsible for paying all binding costs. The student will be notified by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research when the copy of the thesis is ready to be picked up.

The UNK Library will retain two bound copies of each thesis, one for the Archives Collection and one for the Circulating Book Collection. An electronic version of the thesis also will be submitted for deposit with ProQuest Dissertations & Theses. The department requires a copy, as does the advisor, and one for the student.

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