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shortthesisguide2.gif November 2007

Chapter 2: Qualitative Master's Thesis

The following is the recommended content of a qualitative/creative research project. Note: the content may vary by discipline, advisor, and/or your committee. The creative works that constitute the creative/qualitative thesis will most likely not fit into the traditional chapters of the qualitative thesis as outlined below. Indeed, the subjects allotted separate chapters may all be condensed in a prefatory statement or introduction that precedes the actual creative pieces that are included as the body of the thesis, i.e., the creative work itself. Within the thesis, the author should attempt to avoid presenting a simple miscellany, but rather work to organize the creative materials in accordance with some aesthetic principle. This may involve grouping and/or sequencing works, thus creating some thematic continuity or counterpoint, as well as a sense of a beginning, middle, and end.

This section provides guidelines for conducting the research and writing a qualitative or creative master's thesis including a suggested timeframe for completing a master's degree in two years, proposal writing, the structure of a typical thesis, and Institutional Review Board considerations.

24 Jan 2008