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shortthesisguide2.gif November 2007

Chapter 2: Qualitative Master's Thesis

Section 2.3: Other considerations: human subjects

Subsection 2.3.1: Protection of Human Subjects in Research

If the research you are conducting for your thesis involves human subjects, federal law requires that your project be reviewed and approved-in advance-by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This means that you must complete an Online research training program titled the CITI Course in the Protection of Human Subjects (CITI). You also will need to complete the appropriate IRB forms, and submit them to the university's IRB for review before your research can proceed. Detailed information about the training program, the federal legislation, the instructions for completing the application and IRB materials, and the downloadable forms can be found at the university's IRB Web site, http://unkcms.unk.edu/academics/gradstudies/irb/research-involving-animals.php.

Because training and IRB review requires planning, you should complete the steps in this procedure well in advance of your anticipated beginning date of the research.

17 Jan 2008