Letitia Reichart
Assistant Professor of Biology; 2009; B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Washington State University.
James R. Rohrer
Associate Professor of History; 2005; B.A., Kent State University; M.A., The Ohio State University; M.Div., University of Dubuque Theological Seminary; Ph.D., The Ohio State University.
Steven Rothenberger
Professor of Biology; 1992; B.S., M.S.Ed., University of Nebraska at Kearney; Ph.D., North Dakota State University.
Special Interests: Ecology/Plant Taxonomy: Plant Species Composition of Natural Areas in Nebraska, Threatened and Endangered Plant Species
David Rozema
Director and Professor of Philosophy; 1992; B.S., Northern Arizona University; Ph.D., University of Utah.
Special Interests: Philosophy in Literature; Philosophy of Science; Ethics; Plato; and Wittgenstein
Robert F. Rycek
Professor of Psychology; 1983; B.A., University of Illinois, Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Northern Illinois University.
Special Interests: Cognitive Development; Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving; Adolescent Egocentrism

13 May 2010