Accounting Society: This organization seeks to give members a better understanding of the accounting profession; make them aware of changes, developments, and opportunities in accounting; and, help them to become comfortable in a professional setting.

Ad/PR Club: This group is open to all students interested in advertising or public relations as a profession and is affiliated with the American Advertising Federation.

American Chemical Society: This program is for college students interested in general science and chemistry. ACS is the world's largest professional organization and virtually all professional chemists are members.

American Marketing Association: The American Marketing Association is open to all business majors. The Association introduces knowledge of the current job market in marketing to members by sponsoring professional speakers.

Antelope Newspaper: The Antelope Newspaper is published weekly by a staff of UNK students committed to providing meaningful campus and community dialogue.

Association for Computing Machinery: Students wanting to share their enthusiasm for computer science are welcome in the Association for Computing Machinery. ACM promotes awareness of computer technology and its influence in society.

Biology Club: Biology Club promotes the biological sciences by encouraging scholarship, fellowship, and service among those interested in biology.

Boutwell Tax Society: Active membership is open to all UNK students who wish to develop a greater understanding of the tax accounting field through communication with peers and members.

Construction Management Organization: This organization is open to all students interested in current developments in the field of construction management. Students participate in industrial tours and community service.

Criminal Justice Club: The Criminal Justice Club works to facilitate cooperative efforts among institutions of higher education and professional agencies of criminal justice.

Data Processing Management Association: The Data Processing Management Association fosters among students a better understanding of the vital business role of data processing and the proper relationship of data processing to management.

Dietetics Club: The Dietetics Club functions as a professional organization within the field of dietetics for students who are interested in dietetics, nutrition, or food service management.

Elementary Education Majors Club: The organization's activities and scheduled events compliment UNK's academic course programs, while also fostering a spirit of unity among students involved in the Elementary Education program.

Family and Consumer Science Organization: This organization promotes professionalism in the areas of Apparel Marketing, Interior Design Merchandising, Kitchen Design, Food Service Management, Dietetics, Family and Consumer Science Education, and Human Development and Family Relationships. Members participate in campus and community projects.

Geography Club: The Geography Club coordinates events in conjunction with Geography Awareness Week, as well as other events throughout the academic year.

Graduate Student Association: The Graduate Student Association meets regularly to discuss academic, financial and professional concerns of graduate students; sponsors academic and social activities; informs degree-seeking students of opportunities and events; and, holds membership in the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students.

History Club: The History Club seeks to foster the value of history, as a discipline, among students at UNK. Any interested students are encouraged to join.

Industrial Distribution Organization: The objective of this organization is to educate members of new and existing technology while promoting leadership qualities to be used in future employment. Members are made aware of scholarship opportunities and internship programs, and are aided in finding employment following graduation.

Kearney Student Speech, Language and Hearing Association: This organization promotes interest in, and support for, the areas of speech, language, and hearing as a profession. The highlight of the year takes place during May, which is designated "Better Speech and Hearing Month."

Locke and Key: Locke and Key is open to any student interested in public and political affairs. The group engages in regular activities such as sending students to a model United Nations, conducting a model Unites States Senate, and bringing political speakers to campus.

Music Educator National Conference: All students with an interest in vocal or instrumental music are welcome. MENC serves social and service needs of both students and the music department. MENC provides active opportunities for its members year round.

Music Teachers National Association: MTNA is a national, professional music organization. Membership in the Student Chapter is available to all full-time UNK music majors, providing access to all MTNA publications, local, state and national conventions and workshops, competitions and auditions.

National Art Education Association Student Chapter: NAEA promotes interest in art throughout the campus and community. It also serves to encourage the development of positive relationships among students, faculty, and other individuals interested in art.

Nebraska Association of Family and Consumer Sciences: Programs sponsored by the organization are designed to acquaint students with the field of home economics. Leadership and professional development are also priorities.

Nebraska Model United Nations: The purpose of this organization is to promote social awareness of better standards of life and increased justice. It is also to establish conditions under which international law can be studied and discussed in an open and stimulating forum.

Pharmacy Club: The Pharmacy Club seeks to provide its members with information on current trends and careers in the field of pharmacy. The group is frequently addressed by faculty from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Psychology Club: The Psychology Club is an organization of students who share an interest in psychology. Its purpose is to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology.

Renaissance Club: The Renaissance Club specializes in celebrating the music, food, clothing and festivities of the Renaissance period.

Society for Human Resource Management: The purpose of SHRM is to keep UNK students up to date on new developments and timely issues in the field of human resources. SHRM also strives to promote and facilitate positive interaction between business professionals in the community and UNK students.

Society of Physics Students: This organization seeks to encourage student interest in physics and to provide advancement of knowledge of the science of physics.

Sociology Club: Students with an interest in sociological issues may join the Sociology Club. Involvement with the club provides students with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience within the field of sociology. Members also receive career information and guidance.

Student Council for Exceptional Children: Students with an interest in the field of exceptional children are encouraged to join the Student Council for Exceptional Children. Programs are planned to provide students the opportunity to enhance their educational and professional proficiency in working with exceptional children and youth.

Student Education Association of Nebraska: SEAN caters to those students interested in preparing for a career in education. As a pre-professional organization, the Student Education Association of Nebraska serves students as they attain the knowledge and leadership skills for a career in education.

Student Nurses Association: Any student with an interest in nursing is encouraged to get involved. The Association serves as a representative body for student nurses. A primary objective of the group is to positively influence health care, nursing education and professional practice.

Student Social Work Organization: The Student Social Work Organization is involved with the social advancement of the college and community.

Travel and Tourism Club: Any student interested in travel opportunities in Nebraska, the United States, or internationally is encouraged to become an active member of the Travel and Tourism Club. Opportunities for great experiences in this field are facilitated by the Club.

Wildlife Society: The Wildlife Society is open to any UNK student interested in wildlife and its conservation. Members of the Wildlife Society are active in promoting community awareness of wildlife and its natural importance.

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