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Peggy Abels, Director
Elizabeth Stout, Assistant Director
Sarah Jones, Pre-Nursing Advisor

Faculty at associated professional schools and clinical specialty programs.

Program Objectives:
Health Science Pre-Professional Programs

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers pre-professional training in a variety of fields. Some of the career interests for which UNK offers undergraduate preparation are listed below. The Office of Health Science Programs will assist in the planning of the student's schedule in accordance with the requirements of the professional school selected by the student. The student should secure a copy of the catalog of the college or university to which he/she wishes to apply in order that effective selection of elective courses may be made while at UNK. Satisfactory completion of the recommended programs of study in pre-professional areas does not automatically guarantee a student admission to a professional program. Factors generally considered for admission by professional schools include: grade point average of at least a "B," personal recommendations, scores on entrance or nationwide examinations, shadowing and volunteer experience, and a personal interview. Pre-Health Science Programs are available in:

Although many UNK students are admitted to these professional and clinical programs, competition for the limited number of openings is intense, and admission is not automatically assured by successful completion of the pre-clinical or pre-professional courses. Therefore, students should also plan to pursue an academic major and work towards a baccalaureate degree. For additional information, contact the office of Health Sciences, Bruner Hall of Science.

Masters Degree in Public Health

For UNK students who would like to pursue a Masters Degree in Public Health, the University of Nebraska Medical Center offers an MPH degree with a variety of concentration areas available. Bachelor's degree is required for entrance. For additional information, contact Health Sciences.


Four options are available in this major:

  1. Radiography Comprehensive - Bachelor of Science Degree
  2. Respiratory Therapy Comprehensive - Bachelor of Science Degree
  3. Health Science - Bachelor of Science Degree
    For further information on this degree option contact, the office of Health Sciences.

A minor in Health Science or Public Health is also available.

Courses with the prefix HSCI are offered by Health Science Programs.

19 May 2016