Offered by Health Science Programs

Public Health Minor

The purpose of the interdisciplinary Public Health Minor is to allow students majoring in areas which directly or indirectly impact the health of populations to gain insight, knowledge and experience in the diverse field of public health. The objectives of this minor are: (a) to acquaint the student with the core values of public health including assessment, policy development and assurance; (b) to increase the students understanding and awareness of the importance of biological, chemical and other natural processes to disease and health; (c) to provide the skills students need to become leaders in promoting health; (d) to critique the value of existing programs, laws, and healthcare structure at local to global levels; (e) to provide specific business knowledge relating to health care economics and marketing; (f) to provide the skills students need to contribute to the changing field of public health through research, awareness and leadership.

Minimum hours required for minor = 24

  1. Required Courses (minimum 9 hours required):
    • Take all of the following:
      • HSCI 140GS, Introduction to Public Health - 3 hours
      • HSCI 320, Global Health - 3 hours
      • BIOL 110, Introduction to Epidemiology - 3 hours
  2. Electives (minimum 15 hours required):
    • The elective courses selected should be based on the need to provide a broader education for each student. Students interested in this degree MUST consult with a public health minor advisor to identify specific courses required to focus specific public health interests.
    • Take at least one course from each of the following groups for a minimum of 15 credit hours.
      • Group 1: Natural Science
      • Group 2: Business and Management
        • ECON 410, Health Care Economics - 3 hours
        • MGT 380, Human Resource Management - 3 hours
        • MGT 440, Health Care Management I - Managing People Effectively - 3 hours
        • MGT 441, Health Care Management II - Managing Processes Effectively - 3 hours
        • MKT 336, Services Marketing - 3 hours
      • Group 3: Nutrition and Wellness
        • FSID 110GS, Introduction to Nutrition - 3 hours
        • PE 150, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - 3 hours
        • PE 229, Wellness Interventions - 3 hours
        • SFED 335, General Safety Education - 3 hours
      • Group 4: Cultural, Psychological, Social and other

13 May 2015