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Pre-Radiologic Technology

The following two year pre-professional program is based on the requirements for admission to the Division of Radiation Science Technology Education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska. A minimum 50 semester hours (60 hours preferred) of pre-radiologic technology courses must be completed. The Radiologic Technology Program at UNMC is a two-year (72 credit hour) program. Competition for a place in this clinical program is intense and admission is not guaranteed. Therefore, students should also plan for a college major.

  1. Requirements
    • Take all of the following:
      • BIOL 225, Anatomy and Physiology - 4 hours
      • BIOL 325, Medical Terminology - 1 hour
      • CHEM 160GS, General Chemistry - 3 hours
      • CHEM 160LGS, General Chemistry Laboratory - 1 hour
      • ENG 101, Introduction to Academic Writing - 3 hours
      • ENG 102GS, Academic Writing and Research - 3 hours
      • MATH 102GS*, College Algebra - 3 hours
      • *Students with sufficient preparation may enter the mathematics program at MATH 123GS.
      • PHYS 205GS, General Physics I - 4 hours
      • PHYS 205LGS, Physics I Laboratory - 1 hour
      • SPCH 100GS, Fundamentals of Speech Communication - 3 hours
      • STAT 241GS, Elementary Statistics - 3 hours
  2. Electives

Students should check with other specific schools of radiologic technology to which they intend to apply to ensure that any other requirements are fulfilled.

14 Oct 2014