Offered by Health Science Programs

Pre-Health Information Management

The following pre-health information management program is suggested for students interested in applying to a school of Health Information Management. The University of Nebraska at Kearney is currently affiliated with the following schools of Health Information Management: University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS; Dakota State University in Madison, SD. Completion of the pre-health information management does not automatically guarantee admission into one of these schools. The educational requirements may vary slightly from school to school. Therefore, student should check with the specific school(s) to which he/she intends to apply to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled. The following list is a suggested course of study that will fulfill requirements at most HIM schools.

  1. Requirements
    • Take all of the following:
      • BIOL 103GS, General Biology - 4 hours
      • BIOL 225, Anatomy and Physiology - 4 hours
      • BIOL 226, Anatomy and Physiology - 4 hours
      • BIOL 325, Medical Terminology - 1 hour
      • ENG 101, Introduction to Academic Writing - 3 hours
      • ENG 102GS, Academic Writing and Research - 3 hours
      • PSY 203GS, General Psychology - 3 hours
      • SOC 100GS, Introduction to Sociology - 3 hours
      • SPCH 100GS, Fundamentals of Speech Communication - 3 hours
    • Take ONE of the following options:
      • Take one course:
      • OR take two courses:
        • CHEM 160GS, General Chemistry - 3 hours (Prereq: MATH 102GS OR Math ACT score of 20 or better OR permission of instructor)
        • CHEM 160LGS, General Chemistry Laboratory - 1 hour
    • Take 3-6 credit hours of fine arts/humanities electives
      • Courses in ART, DANC, MUS, and THEA are suggested. Please consult advisor to ensure the courses are appropriate.
      • (except courses numbered 188 or 388)

Each school of HIM is unique in its specific requirements. The above courses will satisfy requirements for most programs. Please contact the Health Programs Office for information regarding the exact requirements at each of the three schools.

9 Oct 2012