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Robert Luscher, Chair
Professors: Anderson, K. Benzel, M. Benzel, Fort, George, Jussel, Plambeck, S. Umland
Associate Professors: Luscher, Peck, Peek, R. Umland
Assistant Professors: Emrys, Grandone, Kruse, Petruzzi, Schneider, Sinclair, Tassi,
Visiting Assistant Professor: Howlett
Lecturers: Bosshardt, Carper, Cautrell, Christensen, Flood, Francis, Jensen, Larabee, Laux, Liss, Maring, Miles, Olsen, Sanks, Schultz, Wells

Department Objectives:

(Upon request, the Department provides prospective students with a more detailed list of objectives.)

Three options are available in this major:
I. English Option - Bachelor of Arts Degree
II. English Option - Writing Emphasis - Bachelor of Arts Degree
III. English Teaching Subject Endorsement Option - Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree

The minor in English is available for students pursuing majors in other disciplines. The Elementary Education major has a specially defined minor in English.

Courses with the prefix ENG are offered by the department.

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