Offered by Business Administration Program

Business Administration
Master of Business Administration Degree
Generalist, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Human Services Tracks

This program is offered on campus only.

MBA = 30 hours*

  1. MBA Essential Core (15 hours required)
    • Take all of the following:
      • ACCT 858, Managerial Accounting Systems - 3 hours
      • A student who has completed the equivalent of ACCT 350, ACCT 351, and ACCT 352 must substitute another graduate level accounting course for ACCT 858.
      • FIN 809, Financial Administration - 3 hours
      • MGT 890, Leadership and Organizational Behavior - 3 hours
      • MGT 892, Strategic Analysis & Decision Making - 3 hours
      • MKT 856, Marketing Management Seminar - 3 hours
  2. MBA Track (15 hours required)**

* Some courses require completion of related prerequisites, increasing the number of credit hours to earn the MBA. Please check course descriptions for details on the required prerequisites.

** In all the paired courses, which are designed with the suffix 'P' in their course-numbering, graduate students are expected to involve themselves in much deeper scholarly activities by demonstrating thorough research of the subject matter, and should assume a leadership role in the class, culminating in an educational experience far beyond that of their fellow undergraduate students.

See Business Administration Program Information and Admission Requirements for more information about the program.

13 Jun 2012