Offered by Department of Accounting/Finance
College of Business and Technology

FIN Courses

FIN 803 - Independent Study of Finance - 1-3 hours
Prereq: FIN 809*
The focus of this course is an independent investigation into a topic in Finance selected by the student. Students work individually with an appropriate faculty mentor in selecting and developing a project or research study of particular interest and significance to them in the field of Finance. Permission of the MBA director is required for the independent study to count toward the MBA program course requirements.
FIN 809 - Financial Administration - 3 hours
Prereq: ACCT 858* and either FIN 308* or ACCT 801 or equivalent
The in-depth study of financial management concepts with an emphasis on the practical application of financial theories.
FIN 876/876P - Short-Term Financial Management - 3 hours
Prereq: FIN 308* or ACCT 801 or equivalent
The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the principles and techniques of working capital analysis and management. Topics include inventory, accounts receivable and cash systems management, credit and collection systems, and payables and short-term financing analysis and management.
FIN 880/880P - Investments - 3 hours
Prereq: FIN 308* or ACCT 801 or equivalent
Theory and analysis of investment vehicles including stocks, bonds and money market investments. Analysis of portfolio construction.
FIN 882/882P - Case Studies in Financial Management - 3 hours
Prereq: FIN 408* and FIN 476* and FIN 880/880P*
(Finance 482 is the senior 'capstone' course for the Finance emphasis, and students should not take the course unless they have completed the intended preliminary courses in the Finance curriculum.)
Financial analysis and decision-making using advanced case studies of business and some specialized organizations.
FIN 899 - Finance Topics - 3 hours
Prereq: FIN 809*
In-depth coverage of selected subjects, problems, and current topics in Finance which are not covered elsewhere in the MBA program. Course consists of class discussion and/or special projects. The purpose of the course is to offer an opportunity for students to study fresh Finance topics of particular timeliness in more depth than appropriate in other existing courses. Topics vary per offering.

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

1 Jun 2012