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MGT Courses

MGT 800/800P - Entrepreneurship - 3 hours
This course explores the phenomena of entrepreneurship, including the myths, realities, and impact of entrepreneurial activity. Students assess their own entrepreneurial aptitude and interests, meet a variety of entrepreneurs, and investigate the processes of generating promising ideas, evaluating the viability of those ideas, finding capital, considering franchise opportunities, and developing a new venture management team. The class is project oriented with each student participating in the development of a feasibility plan for a new venture.
MGT 801P - Small Business Management - 3 hours
This course focuses on the operation of small business and the small business environment. This course deals with the topics related to personnel, government regulations of small business, advertising, sales promotion, accounting, finance, forecasting, family ownership and other management related problems. F, Sp.
MGT 803 - Independent Study of Management - 1-3 hours
Prereq: MGT 814* or MGT 890
The focus of this course is an independent investigation into a Management topic selected by the student. Students work individually with an appropriate faculty mentor in selecting and developing a project or research study of particular interest and significance to them in the field of Management. Permission of the MBA director is required for the independent study to count toward the MBA program course requirements.
MGT 809P - Leadership: Skills, Applications, Research - 3 hours
This course is designed to give students preparing for careers in business, government, and the nonprofit sector a working knowledge of leadership styles, principles, models, and practical applications. Students will learn to engage critically in analytical and intellectual examination and reflection of certain core issues in the practice of leadership. Topics covered include history of leadership, leadership traits and behaviors, motivation and communication patterns, teamwork, use of power, development of trust, effective group facilitation, negotiation and persuasion, effective change, and ethics. Sp.
MGT 810/810P - Compensation Management - 3 hours
A study of the basic forms of financial compensation, including benefits packages. Principles of internal, external, and individual equity as determined by job evaluation, salary surveys, and performance evaluation comprise the core of this course. Suggested prerequisite: MGT 380.
MGT 811/811P - Labor Relations - 3 hours
A study of labor-management relations as defined by negotiated labor contracts. Topics include history of the labor movement, union structure and function, the negotiation process, and issues in labor relations.
MGT 814 - Operations Management - 3 hours
Prereq: MGT 233* or equivalent
This course explores the transformation of materials, land, labor and capital into goods and services. Quantitative Management Systems are applied to the manufacturing process.
MGT 815P - Quality Management Concepts & Practice - 3 hours
Prereq: MGT 314* or permission of instructor
Overview of the concepts and techniques of quality management, including statistical tools, people element of quality management, and philosophies and practices of six sigma. Students are expected to be computer literate.
MGT 820 - Managerial Communications - 3 hours
Application of principles of communication to the managerial setting. The course investigates the influence of organizational climate, manager's style and use of motivation in the communication process.
MGT 825 - Decision Science - 3 hours
Prereq: MATH 115* or MATH 123*
Recent developments relating to business application of linear programming, simplex method, transportation method, post optimality analysis, game theory, utility theory, PERT-CPM, queuing theory, dynamics programming, Markov chains, Decision tree analysis, time series analysis and forecasting.
MGT 880 - Human Resource Management - 3 hours
This course is designed as an introduction to such fundamental human resource management areas as job analysis, staffing and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, employee relations, compensation, labor relations, and international HR. The strategic implications of HR will be explored with integrated applications for all managers. The focus of the course will be both conceptual and applied, including discussions of current issues and controversies confronting the field.
MGT 885/885P - Seminar in Human Resource Management - 3 hours
Prereq: MGT 380 or MGT 880
Provides the student with an opportunity to study and research current issues in human resource management; course stresses an informal setting and open communications approach.
MGT 889/889P - Business Consultantship - 3 hours
Consent of the Department Chair is required. This course affords the student an opportunity to serve in a consultant capacity for an area business. In-depth business analysis is conducted by the student, and specific recommendations are reported to the management of the firm.
MGT 890 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior - 3 hours
Focuses on leadership and human behavior in organizations, with emphasis on how group dynamics, decision making, team building, culture, and conflict impact individual and organizational performance.
MGT 891 - Seminar in Organizational Behavior - 3 hours
Prereq: MGT 890
This course explores current issues in organizational behavior. Students research, analyze, and discuss issues in order to develop a futuristic philosophy of organizational management.
MGT 892 - Strategic Analysis & Decision Making - 3 hours
Prereq: 9 hours of MBA core courses
A case study course designed to integrate the knowledge acquired in other courses in business administration and to emphasize strategic analysis and decision making. This is a capstone course to be taken after 9 hours of M.B.A. core courses are completed.
MGT 893/893P - Social Responsibility of Business: Issues and Ethics - 3 hours
A study of the societal challenge of business; how business and society interface; the micro and macro publics of business; ecology, consumerism, and technology as societal problems; the ethics of business.
MGT 899/899P - Management Topics - 3 hours
Prereq: MGT 814* or MGT 890
In-depth coverage of selected subjects, problems, and current topics in Management which are not covered elsewhere in the MBA program. Course consists of class discussion and/or special projects. The purpose of the course is to offer an opportunity for students to study contemporary Management topics of particular timeliness in more depth than appropriate in other existing courses. Topics vary per offering.

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

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