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Lynn Johnson, Chair
Professors: Freeman, M. Hadley, Johnson, McCollough
Associate Professors: Contine, Fredrickson, Middleton, Murphy, Potthoff, Walsh
Assistant Professor: Clark
Lecturers: Hunt, Stirtz

The Department of Professional Teacher Education administers the professional education component of all undergraduate and graduate teaching programsand the Teaching English as a Second Language Subject Endorsement.

Field-Based Teacher Education Program: The Early Training Center (ETC) Designed for students considering a career in education, the Early Training Center (ETC) offers extensive pre-student teaching field experiences integrated with professional coursework. This optional program within the Department of Professional Teacher Education provides elementary education majors with the opportunity to confirm their career choice early in their college program of study. Prerequisites for enrollment in ETC are successful completion of Professional Teacher Education 200, Professional Teacher Education 290, and a minimum of 27 credit hours.

Professional Coursework:
The Early Training Center offers courses which are required within the program of study for majors in elementary, early childhood, middle grades and special education (K-6 or K-12 mild/moderate). The following three courses are integrated into a professional interdisciplinary block and meet two days each week for the semester.

PTE 300, Learning and Evaluation - 3 hours
ELED 371, Teaching Elementary School Language Arts - 3 hours
ELED 374, Teaching Elementary School Reading - 3 hours

Register for additional courses with the approval of the ETC Coordinator.

Pre-Student Teaching Field Experiences:
Three pre-student teaching field experiences in various school settings will be arranged for the ETC student. Field experience requirements are met by observing and aiding in classroom settings two days a week for twelve weeks. Field experiences may be requested for three sections of the following course.

PTE 390, Pre Student Teaching Field Experience - 1 hour

Students must apply for admission into the Field-Based Teacher Education Program (ETC) the semester prior to participation in the program. For further information, or to make application, contact the Department of Professional Teacher Education.

Learning Center

Kathy Carpenter, Director
Betty Smith, Assistant Director
Professor: K. Carpenter
Lecturer: B. Smith

The Learning Center is the coordinating center for the University Foundations program. Taught by a variety of UNK faculty as well as Learning Center personnel, this class is designed to be a bridge between high school or work experience and the academic community. Entering freshmen or returning students are encouraged to enroll in this course during their first semester on campus.

Courses with the prefix LNSK are offered by the Learning Center.

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