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John Dinsmore, Chair
Professors: Dinsmore, Karraker, Peterson, Schultze, Zaruba
Associate Professors: Boeckl, Dennis, Jacobson
Assistant Professors: Hartman, May, Schuessler
Lecturers: B. Avery, P. Fell, K. Harshbarger, C. Jacobsen, D. Johnson, J. Jones, P. Jones, C. Kosmicki, J. Sheen

Department Objectives:
Five Options are available in this major:
I. Studio Art Option - Bachelor of Arts Degree
II. Art History Option - Bachelor of Arts Degree
III. Comprehensive Studio Art Option - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
IV. Visual Communication and Design Option - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
V. Art Teaching Field Endorsement Option - Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree

A minor in Art, Art History, or Visual Communication and Design is available for students pursuing majors in other disciplines.

The Elementary Education Major has specially defined minors in Art and Arts-Crafts.

Courses with the prefix ART are offered by the department.

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