Offered by Department of Art and Art History:

Art History Minor

MN 1021
Students majoring in Art must have approval of the Art Department Chairman to minor in Art History.

Required hours = 24
This minor is for those students desiring an introductory study of the language and historical framework of art. This course of study does not fulfill certification requirements for teaching.
Take all of the following:
ART 221, Art History Survey I - 3 hours
ART 303, History of Renaissance Art - 3 hours
ART 321, Art History Survey II - 3 hours
ART 325, History of Modern Art - 3 hours
ART 326, History of American Art - 3 hours
ART 405, History of 19th Century Art - 3 hours
ART 425, Aesthetics - 3 hours
Take 3 hours from any other ART courses.

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