University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Education

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Elementary/Early Childhood Education

Marilyn B. Hadley, Chair
Professors: R. Carlson, Hadley, Ludeman, Powell, Walker
Assistant Professors: Agard, Hansen, Hildebrand, Mahony, Roberson

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Department Objectives

To provide the necessary undergraduate preparation in elementary education, early childhood education and middle grades education for students completing an initial endorsement in these areas;

To provide a fundamental background in the nature of infants, children and young adolescents for students completing programs in early childhood, elementary education and middle grades;

To provide courses to meet the needs of students enrolled in programs beyond those in the Department of Elementary/Early Childhood Education;

To provide appropriate educational experiences for a variety of populations in local preschools, elementary and middle schools.

Special Note: Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is required before Elementary Education Majors are allowed to enroll in the following: ART 360; ELED 370, 372, 373, 405, 463, and 465; PTE 464 and 400. Students are expected to meet with their advisor each semester to outline the requirements and establish a plan for admission to Teacher Education.

Elementary Education Major

Three major options are available:
I. Elementary Education Option-Bachelor of Arts in Education degree
II. Middle Grades Teaching Option-Bachelor of Arts in Education degree
Middle Grades Teaching Option-Bachelor of Science in Education degree
III. Early Childhood Education Option- Bachelor of Arts in Education degree

A minor in Early Childhood Education is available for students not pursuing certification in this area.

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