University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Business and Technology

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Business Administration/Education

Lyle Colsden, Interim Chair
Professors: Cafferty, Zikmund
Associate Professors: Barton, Camp, Colsden
Assistant Professors: Anderson, Houston
Director, Center for Vocational Technical Education: Lyle Colsden
Director, NUCRC: Mary Jo Kulp
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Business Administration Option - Bachelor of Science Degree,
Business Education Major, or
Occupational Education Major


Department Objectives

To develop in each student the ability:
To perform in a technical and skillful manner the duties demanded in present-day business pursuits;
To select and interpret experiences which lead to better knowledge and understanding of proper business procedures and of civil-social responsibility and behavior;
To teach business subjects according to recognized methods and procedures (Business Education Majors);
To appreciate the need for lifelong continuing education in a dynamic society and economy;
To master habits, attitudes, ethics and ideals which lead to successful professional careers.
To prepare and upgrade professional vocational instructors for secondary, post-secondary and adult education programs;
To prepare individuals for leadership positions in education and industry;
To act as an interdisciplinary agent and provide a professional core of courses needed for vocational endorsement in the following areas:
Basic Business, Business Education, Diversified Occupations, Industrial Technology, Marketing Education, Occupational Home Economics, Trade and Industrial Education, Vocational Consumer and Homemaking, and Vocational Special Needs.

Objectives: Center for Vocational Technical Education

To provide leadership in the identification of vocational-technical education research;
To promote articulation between Nebraska high schools, technical community colleges, state colleges and the university system;
To provide services such as off-campus courses and workshops to enable teachers to become vocationally endorsed;
To provide professional development opportunities in vocational education.

Business Administration Option - Bachelor of Science Degree

A. General Studies Program - 45 Credit Hours
ECON 270GS, ECON 271GS, MATH 120GS or MATH 123GS (9 hours) can be used to satisfy General Studies and Business Core requirements. Credit hours earned cannot counted twice.
B. Business Administration Comprehensive Major:
Required Courses - 49 Credit Hours
Emphasis Courses - 18-24 Credit Hours
C. Electives - General-------
TOTAL - 125 Credit Hours

(Graduation Requirement: 2.5 GPA min. accum. in Comprehensive Major)

Required Courses: 49 Credit Hours
Supporting Courses
(Req: 2.0 GPA min. accum. in these courses)
MATH 120 Finite Math or MATH 123 Applied Calculus - 3
ECON 270GS Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics - 3
ECON 271GS Principles of Economics, Microeconomics - 3
Division I Core
(Req: 2.0 GPA min. accum. in these courses)
BMGT 233 Business Statistics - 3
BACC 250 Beginning Accounting I - 3
BACC 251 Beginning Accounting II - 3
BMIS 281 Business Computer Systems - 4
Division II Core
(Req: Support Courses Completed and Division I Courses in Progress or Completed)
BFIN 308 Principles of Finance - 3
BACC 311 Business Law - 3
BSAD 320 Business Communications - 3
BMKT 300 Marketing - 3
BMGT 301 Principles of Management - 3
BMGT 455 Organizational Behavior
BMGT 414 Production Management - 3
BMGT 493 Social Responsibilities of Business: Issues & Ethics - 3
BMGT 495 Administrative Strategy and Policy - 3
ECON (Any 300-400 Level Econ. Course) - 3

Office Management Emphasis - 21 Credit Hours

Comprehensive Majors desiring to have their transcripts read "With Emphasis in Office Management" must select 21 credit hours from the following:

Required Courses - 18 Credit Hours
BSED 205* Records Management - 3
BSED 213* Business Systems & Office Procedures I - 3
BSED 220* Advanced Keyboarding - 3
BMIS 282 Computer Decision-Making for Business - 3
BSED 302* Automated Office Systems - 3
BSED 313* Business Systems & Office Procedures II - 3
Elective (one course) - 3 Credit Hours
BSED 110 Notetaking I
BSED 111* Notetaking II - 3
B&T 475 Management Tech. Internship - 3
BSED 492 Office Administration - 3

*Certificate of Secretarial Competencies (Two-year program): Requires completion of courses noted (*) above and BACC 311, BSAD 320, BACC 250, 251, and BMIS 281 and SPCH 100.

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