2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog
College of Fine Arts and Humanities

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Department Objectives:

In the second semester of the sophomore year, every art major must take and satisfactorily pass the Sophomore Portfolio Review. The review will be offered online, via TaskStream, so the student must also possess a TaskStream account. The submitted portfolio will contain examples of artwork as well as written works. Details are available on the art department website. Each student must pass the SPR in order to be allowed to register for junior level courses, and/or to continue in the BFA program.


Five options are available in this major:

  1. Studio Art - Bachelor of Arts Degree
  2. Art History - Bachelor of Arts Degree
  3. Studio Art Comprehensive - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
  4. Visual Communication and Design Comprehensive - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
  5. Art K-12 Teaching Field Endorsement - Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree

A minor in Art, Art History, Photography, or Visual Communication and Design is available for students pursuing majors in other disciplines. The Elementary Education Major has a specially defined minor in Art.

Courses with the prefix ART are offered by the department.

16 May 2014