University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Natural and Social Sciences

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Sociology

Ruth A. Pigott, Chair
Anthropology Advisor: Glazier
Associate Professors: Enns, Gintzler, Glazier, Pigott
Assistant Professor: Kelley

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Department Objectives

To seek an understanding of the changes and development processes of social life;
To develop comprehension, insight, analytical approaches, scientific inquiry approaches, liberal arts perspectives, and information-processing capabilities;
To address social phenomena and social problems associated with racial, ethnic and other group relations, sociocultural change, societal institutions, population dynamics, community disorganization, social conflict, social welfare and policy, deviance, effects of technological change, and major social problems;
To prepare those students who wish to attend graduate school.

Sociology Major

Two major options are available:
I. Sociology Option - Bachelor of Arts Degree or
Sociology Option - Bachelor of Science Degree
II. Sociology Teaching Subject Endorsement Option - Bachelor of Science in Education Degree

Sociology participates in the Social Science Teaching Field Endorsement. See History for requirements.

A Sociology minor is available to students pursuing majors in other disciplines or programs.

Sociology is the investigation of interpersonal and intergroup relationships, the forms of organization in human life and consequences for humans. Sociological perspectives and competencies provide an essential basis for considering numerous career opportunities in conjunction with other UNK programs. Careers in government, business, social agencies, transportation, commerce, law, medicine, and information and data use are a few of the opportunities with this major. Further information is available through the Department offices.

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