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Retroactive Credit Policy

The Department of Modern Languages will allow credit via a "confirming" course for French/German/Spanish subject to the following conditions:

  1. The confirming course must be the first university-level course completed in the language and must be taken at UNK;
  2. Confirming course numbers are 201, 204 (SPAN) or a 300-400 level course (excluding phonetics) in FREN, GERM or SPAN at UNK;
  3. The student must receive a letter grade of "B" or better in the confirming course and may not repeat the course for the purpose of requesting credits under this policy;
  4. A maximum of 6 credits may be granted in any one language for previous high school or non-college work at a level lower than the confirming course.
Confirming Course Retroactive Credits
Intermediate II (FREN 201GS/GERM 201GS/SPAN 201GS) or
Culture, Conversation and Composition (SPAN 205GS)
Any 300 or 400 level course except phonetics 6

After the successful completion of the confirming course students must report to the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages (Thomas Hall, Room 215) with a copy of their grades. The instructor of the confirming course as well as the chair will sign the "request for retroactive credit" form, which will then have to be taken to the registrar's office for finalization of the process.

A supplemental endorsement is offered in English As a Second Language.

Courses with the prefixes CHIN, FORL, FREN, GERM, JAPN and SPAN are offered by the department.

11 Nov 2015