2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog


Students who have not been enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Kearney within the last two years are required to apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions. Application should be made at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the term to which readmission is requested. Students who have attended UNK at any time within the last two years and who wish to enroll in classes may register for classes according to the scheduled registration times posted at http://www.unk.edu/offices/registrar/academic_policies_handbook/Registration_Times.php.

Former students should give special attention to the following:

  1. A former student attending another college or university is considered a transfer student and must satisfy transfer requirements. Complete transcripts of credit earned at other institutions should be filed with the Office of Admissions.
  2. Students voluntarily withdrawing are eligible for readmission with the same admission status that existed at the time of withdrawal.
  3. Students suspended or dismissed for academic reasons should contact the office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs for reinstatement. Evaluation for readmission usually includes consideration of academic aptitude, evidence of growth and maturity, course work at other institutions, and time elapsed since leaving the institution.

22 Apr 2013