Offered by Department of Educational Administration

Supervisor of Special Education
Master of Arts in Education Degree

This program is offered online only.

This program leading to an Administrative and Supervisory Certificate is designed to provide the necessary background to serve as a Supervisor of Special Education.

MAE in Supervisor of Special Education = 36 hours

Prerequisites (6 hours)

  1. Foundations (6 hours required)
    • Take all of the following:
      • TE 800, Educational Research - 3 hours (or equivalent)
      • EDAD 831, Social Foundations of Education - 3 hours
  2. Educational Administration (30 hours required)
    • Take all of the following:
      • EDAD 833, EDAD Assessment Leadership - 3 hours
      • EDAD 842P, Administration of Special Education - 3 hours
      • EDAD 848, Curriculum Planning - 3 hours
      • EDAD 851, Human Resource Management - 3 hours
      • EDAD 854, Introduction to Educational Administration - 3 hours
      • EDAD 855, Supervision of Instruction - 3 hours
      • EDAD 940, Administrative Theory - 3 hours
      • EDAD 956, School/Community Relations - 3 hours
      • EDAD 998, Internship - 3 hours
      • CSP 800, Advanced Educational Psychology - 3 hours

Admission to the Program

Admission criteria are essentially the same as for admission to other programs in Educational Administration. In addition, the candidate must hold a currently valid Special Education endorsement with at least two years of experience as a Special Education teacher to be accepted into this program. The candidate must provide two strong recommendations from the candidate's supervisors and one other individual who may attest to the candidate's leadership abilities, and must meet all other academic requirements for admission to the Master of Arts in Education Degree with a major in Educational Administration. The Educational Administration Department requires a common core of competencies of supervisors of special education.

See Educational Administration Program Information and Admission Requirements for more information about the program.

12 Jun 2012