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TESE 816C - Practicum in Gifted/Talented Education - 3 hours
Prereq: TESE 822P and TESE 823P and TESE 824* and TESE 825* and TESE 826* OR departmental permission
This course is designed specifically to provide students the opportunity to teach gifted learners in a differentiated educational program. Students will plan, develop, implement, and evaluate educational experiences for gifted learners. In order to build an understanding of student needs across developmental and grade levels, the student will work with both elementary and secondary level gifted learners. A minimum of 90 clock hours is required.
TESE 816D - Practicum in Special Education - 3-6 hours
This course is designed to provide practicum experience in the Special Education programs of Mild/Moderate Disabilities K-6, Mild/Moderate Disabilities 7-12, or Advanced Practitioner. Teachers are supervised by university faculty who may also contact an individual's principal. Students are expected to document 210 hours of direct contact with students of the appropriate grade level and disability for the endorsement they are seeking. This course is a semester course.
TESE 821P - Nature and Needs of Exceptionalities - 3 hours
This introductory course surveys the various disability areas in the field of special education and associated educational implications. Major influences from litigation and legislation are discussed along with contemporary issues and trends in special education and gifted education.
TESE 822P - The Psychology and Education of Gifted and Talented Learners - 3 hours
Topics for this introductory course will include the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical characteristics of gifted/talented learners, methods of identification, implications of cultural diversity, appropriately differentiated education, working with families, historical perspective of the field, and major research studies contributing to the knowledge-base. Emphasis will be placed on characteristics and differentiated instructional strategies.
TESE 823P - Guiding the Social and Emotional Development of Gifted/Talented Learners - 3 hours
This course focuses on understanding the social and emotional characteristics and development of typical and special populations of gifted/talented learners, current theories and issues related to their guidance and counseling principles and strategies of intervention.
TESE 824 - Identification, Assessment, and Evaluation for Gifted/Talented Education - 3 hours
Prereq: TESE 822P or TESE 823P or departmental permission
This in-depth course provides the student with the knowledge and concepts of basic statistics necessary to understand and administer selected assessment instruments used in the identification of gifted and talented learners. The process and multiple strategies of identification will be a major focus to prepare the student to develop and/or improve current identification procedures. An additional focus will be on multiple strategies for the assessment of the gifted/talented learner's work in the classroom. Developing a beginning understanding of the difference between student and program evaluation will be the final focus.
TESE 825 - Curriculum Design and Development for Gifted/Talented Education - 3 hours
Prereq: TESE 822P or TESE 823P or departmental permission
This is an advanced course on exemplary program models, instructional processes and methods, program planning, and development of appropriately differentiated curricula for gifted/talented learners across grade levels.
TESE 826 - Program Design for Gifted/Talented Education - 3 hours
Prereq: TESE 822P or TESE 823P or departmental permission
This course is concerned with the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs for gifted/talented learners, including procedures utilized when developing a distinct definition of giftedness, philosophy and goals for gifted education, staff hiring and development, service delivery options, and public relations.
TESE 827P - Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education - 3 hours
Philosophical and legal bases for early intervention, and current trends, issues, policies and procedures are examined. Factors related to developmental risk or delay and to atypical developmental processes are presented, along with intervention models and curricular adaptations. Prior completion of PSY 853P is recommended.
TESE 828A - Intervention Methods: Birth to Two Years - 3-6 hours
Prereq: TESE 827P or department permission
This course provides knowledge and skills to intervene with infants and toddlers. Included are medical and physical aspects of developmental delay and the influences of these conditions on developmental processes. Family focused intervention strategies are planned and implemented by the student in field experiences.
TESE 828B - Intervention Methods: Three to Five Years - 3-6 hours
Prereq: TESE 827P or departmental permission
This course provides knowledge required to develop and manage programs, and to adapt teaching strategies, curricula, and materials for preschool and kindergarten children with disabilities. Students acquire methodology, promote domain specific development, functional skills, and child-child interactions in-group settings. Field experiences included.
TESE 829P - Assessment of Young Children: Birth to Five - 3 hours
Prereq: TESE 827P or departmental permission
This course prepares students to evaluate assessment tools for young children, determine their appropriateness for various purposes, write and interpret evaluation reports, and translate assessment results into intervention goals and strategies. In field experiences students administer tests and interpret and report results.
TESE 830 - Consultation and Collaboration with Families and Agencies Serving Individuals with Disabilities - 3 hours
This course involves the study and application of specific communication skills that teachers may use in conferences, in team meetings, and while collaborating or consulting with others. Skills in listening, empathizing, and interpreting body language are practiced within the educational context. This course also provides specific information about families, family systems, and meeting the needs of families.
TESE 834 - Characteristics and Identification of Behavior and Learning Disabilities - 3 hours
This course provides in depth coverage of the identification process, etiologies and characteristics associated with disorders that are categorized as learning disabilities or behavior disorders. Distinction from Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Severe Emotional Disturbance will be discussed.
TESE 835 - Applications of Assistive Technology Across Environments - 3 hours
Prereq: TE 805P
This course provides an in-depth, hands-on examination of the applications of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities as it relates to various fields. New applications of existing and developing technology will be explored. Students will apply their knowledge of assistive technology through action research.
TESE 837P - Medical Aspects of Individuals with Disabilities - 3 hours
This course provides students with a general knowledge of the medical conditions seen in children with disabilities. It will familiarize students with terminology, medications, procedures, equipment, and interventions used for children with medical complications. Teacher responsibilities in regards to medical conditions will be covered.
TESE 840 - Bilingual Special Education - 3 hours
Students will be exposed to the latest research into the education of English language learners with disabilities, their identification, assessment, and instruction. Particular attention will be paid to the development of Appropriate Individualized Education Plans that reflect culturally responsive instruction in both segregated and inclusive environments.
TESE 861 - Legal Issues in Special Education - 3 hours
This course provides students with the competencies needed to develop individualized programming for children with exceptionalities. Verification criteria, parent's rights, IEP development and implementation, goal and objective development, placement procedures and IEP monitoring will be emphasized.
TESE 862 - Formal and Informal Assessment in Special Education - 3 hours
This course is designed to introduce students to the assessment process in special education by addressing procedural safeguards; data collection via informal and standardized procedures; issues in assessment; psychometric properties of standardized tests; and administration, scoring, and interpretation of selected instruments.
TESE 863 - Research Based Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities - 3 hours
This course is designed to address the wide range of instructional needs of students with disabilities. Students will learn to synthesize and evaluate research on instructional techniques for classroom application. Academic instructional interventions will be emphasized. Students will apply their knowledge of lesson development and classroom management strategies. Contains a field component.
TESE 864P - Field Experience in Special Education - 1 hour
The course is designed to provide practical application of learned skills. Students will be placed in an elementary special education setting for a total of fifty clock hours. Students will develop and implement lesson plans and a behavior change plan.
TESE 867 - Applied and Functional Behavior Analysis - 3 hours
This course is designed for graduate level students to examine function-based behavior intervention strategies for individuals with disabilities who engage in challenging behavior. Students will be taught basic elements of functional analysis that includes: defining, observing, and recording behaviors as well as the creation of graphic displays for analysis. Ethical standards for behavior management, crisis intervention, and positive behavioral support will be highlighted. This course contains a functional assessment/intervention field component.
TESE 875P - Curriculum Content for Secondary Students with Disabilities - 3 hours
This course is designed to address the instructional needs of secondary students with disabilities. Task analysis, community-based interventions, functional academics, modification of materials, and alternative programming and assessments will be emphasized. Students will apply their knowledge of lesson plan development in the development of age appropriate lessons in reading, math, and writing both in a school and community setting.
TESE 876P - Transitional Issues for Individuals with Disabilities - 3 hours
Assessment planning and instruction to facilitate educational and employment post-school outcomes will be emphasized. Federal and state laws governing minimum transition practices will be covered. Assessment, transition planning, services, interagency collaboration, resources, and instruction will be discussed to facilitate a successful transition.
TESE 879P - Developing Social and Personal Skills in Individuals with Disabilities - 3 hours
This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to teach social skills. Students will be exposed to various social skills programs presently on the market that have been designed for students with special needs. The development of social stories and social scripts will be emphasized. Students will apply their knowledge of lesson plan development in the development of age appropriate social skills lessons.

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

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