Student Health and Counseling includes: Student Health, Conseling, Health Education, and the Women's Center. Student Health and Counseling (SHC) is located in the Memorial Student Affairs Building (MSAB). SHC provides counseling and medical care to students. Medical and mental health records are confidential and we conform to laws and policies regarding your personal information. Information from records will not be given without written authorization from the student.

Services at SHC are available for all students who have paid the semester Student Health & Counseling fee. Students enrolled in seven or more on-campus hours per semester automatically pay the SHC fee. Students enrolled in less than seven hours can "opt-in" by paying the SHC fee. Students are requried to present a photo ID to access the services of SHC.


Phone: 865-8248
Emergency Crisis Phone (after business hours): 308-865-8248
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, South Hallway, Room 144

Counseling is a counseling center that offers personal counseling to UNK students. Students are given an opportunity to discuss thoughts, feelings, and concerns with professional, licensed counselors in a non-threatening environment.

The college experience is exciting, yet sometimes stressful. Personal counseling is a chance to talk over what is on your mind with an objective, professional person within a caring and safe environment. Counseling may involve exploring: relationship issues, stress, academic pressures, homesickness, depression, eating disorders, drug/alcohol abuse, anxiety, grief, sexuality issues (choices, pregnancy, and assault), addictions, and more.

UNK offers the StudentBlue health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. Charges for services in Counseling are covered at 100% for students enrolled in the StudentBlue plan. Crisis Care: Emergency 24-hour on-call counselors are available - call 308-865-8248. If no anser, dial UNK Police at 308-627-4811.

Student Health

Phone: 865-8218
Walk-In Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:8:15 a.m. -4:30 p.m.
Wednesday:9:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, Northwest Entrance, Room 184

Student Health is an on-campus medical clinic for students. Students paying the SHC fee are not charged for office visits in the Student Health clinic. Other services include: laboratory testing, allergy injections, vaccinations, burn and wound care, gynecological exams and testing, contraception counseling, health education and more (additional fees may apply). The clinic may not be a PPO Provider with your insurance company.

All UNK students are encouraged to have health and accident insurance coverage. International students are required to have health insurance and will be charged for the cost of the StudentBlue insurance plan, unless they opt to waive out of coverage by exhibiting proof of current, acceptable insurance coverage. UNK offers a student health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. The additional charges in Student Health will be covered at 100% for those students enrolled in the StudentBlue insurance plan. For more information and details about the StudentBlue plan visit:

UNK Student Health may not be a PPO Provider with your insurance company.

For New Students:
Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement Form: All new students, including transfer and graduate students are required to complete this form on-line. Students under 19 need to have a parentís signature.

UNK requires that all students born after 1956 must provide the dates of two MMR (mumps, measles [rubeola], and rubella) vaccinations. Students must be in compliance with these requirements, or they will not be permitted to register for classes. Student Health strongly recommends that all students living on campus be vaccinated for bacterial meningitis and influenza.

It is federally required that international students and students determined to be at high risk receive tuberculosis testing at UNK Student Health upon arrival.

Women's Center

Phone: 865-8279
Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, South Hallway, Room 158

The mission of the Womenís Center is to foster a campus community in which women and men can collaborate in a mutually respectful environment. The Womenís Center offers personal confidential counseling by a licensed professional counselor for issues involving sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, healthy relationships, and body image. The Center also offers campus wide safety prevention education addressing sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. The Center provides a safe space for students to meet, study and access resources designed to empower full and healthy lives. Please contact the Womenís Center for volunteer opportunities.

Health Education

Phone: 865-8092
Location: Memorial Student Affairs Building, South Hallway, Room 130

The Health Education Office oversees Peer Health Education (PHE), which is a student organization dedicated to creating a healthier student body at UNK through programming and educational presentations. Its four core areas of focus are alcohol, body image, sexual health and tobacco. PHE is focused on the enhancement of a healthy decision-making campus by supporting and encouraging individual students, who, in turn, embark upon a health campaign by interacting with other students in their daily lives. Make a difference. Get involved!

For additional information on our alcohol education program, visit

17 May 2016