General Studies Information


3 hours required for General Studies credit.

The courses in this category are designed to develop and demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. Analyze critical issues confronting the individual and society, including a global context.
  2. Interpret an argument through engaged discourse within the discipline.
  3. Construct a cogent argument pertaining to the course topic.

Students may take any course numbered 188 in any department to satisfy the portal requirement.

Students are encouraged to take the Portal course in a discipline other than their intended major or minor.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Portal course requirement during their first or second semester at UNK. Students transferring to UNK and presenting 24 or more hours of General Studies credit at the time of admission are exempt from taking the Portal. Exemptions must be applied at the time of initial admission.

For a list of the Portal offerings for the current semester, see

28 Jan 2013