General Studies Information


The Registrarís Office determines and verifies whether General Studies requirements have been met by individual students. This includes evaluating the equivalency of coursework transferred to UNK from other institutions.

Students wishing to appeal the initial determination by the Registrar's Office should do the following:

  1. Submit a request to the Registrarís Office identifying which course is to be reevaluated and the specific GS requirement being appealed.
  2. Provide supporting materials (such as course syllabi and course descriptions) that support the studentís contention.

The Registrarís Office will make a final determination regarding whether or not the reviewed course fulfills the GS requirement.

Students wishing to appeal the Registrarís Office final determination must submit a written request to the Director of General Studies (

The written request to review the Registrarís decision should be accompanied by the following supporting materials:

  1. Course syllabi and course description that support the studentís contention
  2. Statement of support from academic advisor

The student may appeal the Directorís decision by submitting a written request to the Director for a General Studies Council review of the studentís appeal request. Upon receipt of the request, the Director will place the appeal request on the agenda of the next Council meeting for action (approve or deny) on the request.

The student may appeal the General Studies Councilís decision by submitting a written request to the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs (SVCASA) to review the decision. The Director of General Studies will then forward the decision of the Council to the SVCASA.

8 Oct 2014