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Three options are available in this major:

  1. Political Science - Bachelor of Arts Degree
    or Political Science - Bachelor of Science Degree
  2. Public Administration - Bachelor of Science Degree
  3. Political Science 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement - Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree

The Political Science major may take the form of a General BA or BS degree in Political Science or one of two career-oriented concentrations; majors are strongly encouraged to consider their career interests in choosing one of these options.

Minors in Political Science and Public Administration are available for students pursuing majors in other disciplines, especially business, journalism, philosophy, economics, sociology, social work, and criminal justice.

Political Science participates in the Social Science 7-12 Teaching Field Endorsement.

A Pre-Law emphasis is available for the Political Science Major (Option I above) and all pre-law students, including those choosing not to major in Political Science, are invited to seek the assistance of the department's pre-law advisors.

Courses with the prefix PSCI are offered by the department.

13 May 2016