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Department Mission Statement
The faculty of the Department of Communication at the University of Nebraska at Kearney educates students to be ethical professional communicators in the rapidly-changing, diverse, global environment.

Students graduating from the Department of Communication should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply professional written communication skills.
  2. Demonstrate and apply relevant professional oral and/or visual communication skills.
  3. Apply communication-related concepts to contemporary issues and everyday life.
  4. Demonstrate informational literacy including how to gather, evaluate and interpret information.

The faculty are uniquely qualified to provide instruction in the areas of advertising and public relations, journalism, multimedia, organizational and relational communication, and speech education.

Minimum Grade Point Average in the Major
Students selecting a major in the Department of Communication must earn a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. in the major.

Portfolio Requirements
Students selecting a major in Journalism or Advertising and Public Relations must compile evidence of achievement particular to their chosen career field. Students will present this portfolio and discuss its contents with a Faculty Portfolio Committee in the semester prior to their graduation.

Journalism and Mass Communication majors are required to take JMC 100GS Global Media Literacy as their Democracy General Studies course. It is recommended that students consult with a departmental advisor about this issue.


Four options are available in this major:

  1. Journalism - Bachelor of Arts Degree
    or Journalism - Bachelor of Science Degree
  2. Advertising and Public Relations - Bachelor of Arts Degree
    or Advertising and Public Relations - Bachelor of Science Degree
  3. Multimedia - Bachelor of Arts Degree
    or Multimedia - Bachelor of Science Degree
  4. Sports Communication - Bachelor of Arts Degree
    or Sports Communication - Bachelor of Science Degree


One option is available in this major:

  1. Organizational and Relational Communication Comprehensive - Bachelor of Science Degree

Minors in Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Media Production, Multimedia and Professional Communication are available. The Elementary Education Major has a specially defined minor in Speech/Theatre.

Courses with the prefix JMC and SPCH are offered by the department.

25 May 2016