Minimum Honors hours for program = 18

The Honors Program offers a four-year academic program that requires students to complete eighteen credit hours of Honors courses. During the first four or five semesters (freshmen/sophomore semesters), Honors students will complete 9 hours of Honors seminars from the Honors General Studies courses. During the sophomore/junior/senior semesters, Honors students will complete 9 hours of 300-400 level courses as Honors Options (see Item B below).

  1. Honors Courses within the General Studies:
    • In close consultation with an Honors advisor, take 9 hours from:
      1. Take 0-9 hours from the Foundational Core General Studies:
        • Take 0-3 hours in Written Communication:
          • ENG 102HGS, Academic Writing and Research - 3 hours (Prereq: ENG 101 (or equivalent) or English ACT score of 29 or above)
          • *Students may take ENG 101H, Introduction to Academic Writing, for credit in the Honors Program, but it will NOT count for General Studies credit.
        • Take 0-3 hours in Oral Communication:
          • SPCH 100HGS, Fundamentals of Speech Communication - 3 hours
        • Take 0-3 hours in Democracy in Perspective:
          • PHIL 105HGS, Philosophical Roots of American Democracy - 3 hours
          • PSCI 140HGS, Democracies around the World - 3 hours
          • PSCI 170HGS, Democracy as a Political Idea - 3 hours
      2. Take 0-3 hours from General Studies Portals:
        • Portal courses for UNK Honors freshmen are numbered 188 and will vary in fall and spring semesters.
      3. Take 0-9 hours from the General Studies Distribution:
        • Take 0-3 hours in Aesthetics:
        • Take 0-6 hours in Humanities:
        • Take 0-6 hours in Social Sciences:
          • (Coursework must be from two separate disciplines.)
          • ECON 100HGS, Contemporary Economic Issues - 3 hours
          • ECON 270HGS, Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics - 3 hours
          • GEOG 104HGS, World Regional Geography - 3 hours
          • GEOG 106HGS, Human Geography - 3 hours
          • PSCI 110HGS, Introduction to American Politics - 3 hours
          • PSCI 168HGS, Introduction to International Relations - 3 hours
          • PSCI 280HGS, Special Topics - 3 hours
          • SOC 100HGS, Introduction to Sociology - 3 hours
          • SOC 250HGS, Anthropology - 3 hours
          • WSTD 220HGS, Women's & Gender Studies - 3 hours
        • Take 0-7 hours in Natural Sciences:
          • (Coursework must be from two separate disciplines; at least one of the courses taken must have a laboratory component.)
          • PHYS 131HGS, Nekton's Universe - 4 hours
          • PHYS 132HGS, Einstein's Universe - 4 hours
          • PHYS 201HGS, Earth Science - 4 hours
  2. Sophomore/Junior/Senior Requirements
    1. Take 9 hours in Honors Options
      • Honors Option courses (H-Options) are 300 and 400 level courses that the Honors student chooses to take for Honors credit. To do so the student will complete an additional project for the course, developed in consultation with the instructor before registering. Projects should be appropriate to the course and allow independent learning. After discussion with the instructor, the student should submit an H-Option contract (found on the Honors web site) and register for the course section designated with an H.
    2. Honors Senior Study
      • The Honors Senior Study is a project identified by the student as the best example of their work as an undergraduate. The student may choose from H-Options or independent research or creative projects they have completed, and submit them to the Honors Office in a format consistent with the guidelines found on the Honors web site. These should be submitted before finals week in the student's last semester as an undergraduate.

23 Apr 2013