Offered by Department of Business Administration/Business Education:

Supplemental Endorsement in Diversified Occupations/School-to-Work

AD 2013
This endorsement is a supplemental endorsement, and is designed to be added to an existing teaching certificate. Persons with this endorsement may teach/coordinate diversified occupations/school-to-work and supervise students during on-the-job training. Diversified Occupations/School-to-Work is a course of instruction which includes teaching job related skills and on-the-job training.

Minimum required for endorsement = 12
A. Requirements (9 hours required)
VOED 431, Coordinating Techniques - 3 hours
VOED 432, Foundations and Contemporary Issues in Vocational Education - 3 hours
VOED 434, Introduction to Students with Special Needs - 3 hours

B. Elective (3 hours required)
Any approved 3 hour VOED course

Related Occupational Experience:
A minimum of 1000 hours occupational experience is required. Contact the Director for Vocational-Technical Education regarding occupational experience.

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