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Admission to Teacher Education

Students entering a program for initial certification for teaching will apply for admission to the Teacher Education program during their enrollment in PTE 200. Application should be initiated with KASE (Knowledge and Assistance for Students in Education) Director, FDHL 2001. The requirements for admission to the Teacher Education program are as follows:
  1. The student must have satisfactorily completed the freshman year of study.
  2. A continuous appraisal of each student will be made. The quality of the student's work and faculty and committee evaluations will be a part of this procedure.
  3. Students must complete PTE 200 with a grade of "C" or better.
  4. No one will be admitted to Teacher Education who has less than a "C" in ENG 101GS or ENG 102GS and SPCH 100GS. (Admission requires 6 semester hours of English composition.)
  5. The minimum overall grade point average for admission to Teacher Education is 2.5.
  6. Successful completion of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) or Content Mastery Examination for Educators (CMEE) prescribed by the Nebraska State Department of Education.
  7. Approval by the department(s) offering the proposed endorsement(s) (one field endorsement or two subject endorsements).
  8. Absence of any criminal conviction (misdemeanor or felony) that would prevent qualifying for a teaching certificate.
  9. A Degree Audit for each endorsement is on file in the College of Education office (one field endorsement or two subject endorsements).
  10. Approval of the application will be granted only after a complete evaluation of all components of the application and successful completion of PTE 200.
  11. Students who transfer a course for PTE 200 will not be unconditionally admitted to the program until they successfully complete PTE 300.

Application Procedures:

The student must apply for admission to the Teacher Education program while enrolled in PTE 200. Transfer students who have taken the equivalent of PTE 200 must apply during their first term at UNK.

The student shall be responsible for securing the application form and initiating the procedure for processing this form.

The form shall be routed confidentially throughout the entire procedure and shall be returned for action to the KASE (Knowledge and Assistance for Students in Education) Director, FDHL 2001.

The Director of KASE will determine the procedure and action to be taken on each application and will either (1) approve the applicant for the Teacher Education Program; (2) disapprove the applicant. Decisions of the Director may be appealed to the Teacher Education Appeals Board. Students should not enroll in professional courses (PTE 464, PTE 400) until they have been admitted into the Teacher Education Program. Selected courses are available only to students who have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

Student Teaching:

Plans have been developed with a number of schools in Nebraska to permit UNK students who have met all requirements to participate in student teaching on the secondary or elementary level. Under this plan the student spends the entire school day for a semester in the school system selected and receives 16 hours of college credit.

The application for admission to student teaching must be filed by February 1 preceding the academic year the student teaching will occur.

All UNK student teachers under this program are obligated and pledge themselves to observe local rules and regulations. Any student teacher may be removed at any time upon the recommendation of the superintendent of schools or his designated representative. Student teachers will have an opportunity to observe and participate on a full-day basis and become acquainted with the activities of the public school in which they are doing their student teaching. Student teaching is graded credit/no credit.

Requirements for admission to student teaching as recommended by the College of Education and approved by the Academic Affairs Committee are as follows:

  1. Present a complete application for student teaching to the KASE Office (Founders Hall 2001) by February 1 preceding the academic year the student teaching will occur. Since the application must contain data from the office of the Registrar, students are encouraged to initiate the process the first week of the second semester.
  2. The specific requirements for an approvable application for student teaching are:
    a. Full admission to the specific teacher education program(s), and satisfactory scores in PPST or CMEE Examinations.
    b. A minimum of 24 hours completed or in progress in subject endorsements or 80% of requirements of field endorsement.
    c. Special methods courses completed or in progress.
    d. Departmental approval of the application. This is provided by the advisor's signature on the application.
    e. Completion of professional education prerequisites.
    f. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
    g. A minimum grade of C in English 101GS, English 102GS, and Speech 100GS.
    h. Completion of all Education General Studies requirements.
  3. Applications for student teaching during the following fall semester must be approved no later than June 1.
  4. Applications for student teaching during the spring semester must be approved no later than September 1. Work in progress cannot be accepted toward the specific requirements for admission to student teaching.

Advising of students in teacher education

UNK provides academic advising as an integral part of the educational process. Establishing a friendly and honest relationship with an advisor will be an advantage to the student both personally and educationally.

Teacher education students majoring in a department are assigned an advisor from that unit. Each department may use a different process in assigning advisors. In the case of dual endorsements the student may be assigned to more than one advisor.

As part of the procedure for the advisement/preregistration system at UNK, students meet with their respective advisors at designated times each semester to plan their schedules for the next term. At this time the students also secure the signatures necessary to register for classes from the advisors. However, students are encouraged to meet with their advisors on a regular basis to develop the type of meaningful faculty/student relationship that is important at UNK.

Although faculty advisors are important for providing information regarding degree requirements, class selections, and career direction, it is necessary for students to realize that the ultimate responsibility is their own. The UNK catalog is the official source of information on these matters.

Teaching Endorsements

The following endorsement programs have been established at UNK:
Teaching Subject Endorsements
(2 subject endorsements are required for certification
Basic Business, 7-12
Biology, 7-12
Chemistry, 7-12
Computer Science, 7-12
Early Childhood, Pre-kindergarten - Grade 3
Early Childhood Special Education, 0 - 5 years
Economics, 7-12
Educational Media, K-12 (Graduate Program)
English, 7-12
English as a Second Language, K-12
French, 7-12
Geography, 7-12
German, 7-12
Health, 7-12
History, 7-12
Mathematics, 7-12
Mild/Moderate Disabilities, K-6
Mild/Moderate Disabilities, 7-12
Physical Education, K-6
Physical Education, 7-12
Physics, 7-12
Political Science, 7-12
Psychology, 7-12
Sociology, 7-12
Spanish, 7-12
Speech Communication, 7-12
Speech/Theatre, 7-12
Theatre, 7-12

Teaching Field Endorsements
Art, K-12
Business Education, 7-12
Communication Disorders, preschool-12 (5 1/2 year program)
Elementary Education, K-6
Family and Consumer Sciences Education, 7-12
Health and Phys. Ed., K-12
Marketing Education, 7-12
Mathematics, 7-12
Middle Grades, 4-9
Music, K-12
Physical Science, 7-12
Social Science, 7-12

Supplemental Endorsements
(Cannot be used as a subject endorsement for the initial certificate.)
Adapted Physical Education
Behavioral Disorders, P-6 (Graduate Program)
Behavioral Disorders, 7-12 (Graduate Program)
Bilingual Education
Computer Science, 7-12
Diversified Occupations, 7-12
Driver Education, 7-12
Family and Consumer Sciences Related Occupation, 7-12
Gifted, K-12 (Graduate Program)
Guidance Counselor, K-6 and 7-12 (Graduate Programs)
Interscholastic Coaching, 7-12
Reading, K-6, 7-12 and K-12 (Graduate Programs)
School Psychologist, K-12 (Graduate Program)
School Rehabilitation Counselor (Graduate Program)
Specific Learning Disabilities, P-6 (Graduate Program)
Specific Learning Disabilities, 7-12 (Graduate Program)
Sports Trainer, 7-12
Strength Training, 7-12
Vocational Special Needs, 7-12

Administration Endorsements
Superintendent of Schools, K-12 (Graduate Program)
Elementary Principal, K-6 (Graduate Program)
Secondary Principal, 7-12 (Graduate Program)
Supervisor, K-6 or 7-12 (Graduate Program)

Teaching and Administration Certificates
Applications for all teaching and administrative certificates are filed through the office of KASE. The institutional recommendation for certification and/or endorsement is based on admission to and successful completion of the respective programs.

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