University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Natural and Social Sciences

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Social Work Program

Jill H. Baker, Interim Program Director
Assistant Professors: Baker, Brown, Kachingwe, Younes.

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The Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).
Social work is concerned with the interactions between people and the institutions of society that affect the ability of people to accomplish life tasks, realize their aspirations, and alleviate stress. The focus of the University of Nebraska at Kearney Social Work Program is to prepare a generalist social worker for entry level professional practice in a variety of settings.

Department Objectives

To gain knowledge and skills in problem solving;

To acquire an appreciation/understanding of human diversity through knowledge of the interrelationships between people and their environment, biologically, psychologically, and socially;

To achieve basic skills in social research methodology;

To acquire the basic competencies needed for entry level professional practice. A supervised field placement in a community social service agency enables students to integrate theory and practice skills in a structured environment and is required of all social work majors.

General Information

A. It is highly recommended that interested students, transfer students, or students located at campuses other than UNK contact the Social Work Program upon their decision to enter into social work as a career. As an accredited, professional program, proper sequencing of courses is required. The social work course sequencing is 7 semesters (3 1/2 years) in length on the UNK campus.

B. All social work majors must have an advisor in the Social Work Program. Students with double majors are required to have an advisor in each program.

C. Students must earn at least a "C" in each required social work course, categories A, B and C and BIOL 103. The exception is SOWK 170 in which a B or better must be earned. Any course in which a "D" or "F" is recorded must be repeated until a "C" or better is earned.

D. Social work courses must be taken in sequence as listed, and the student is responsible for meeting the prerequisites. The first required course for the program is SOWK 170-Introduction to Social Welfare. Students are also required to engage in 40 clock hours of volunteer work in a social service agency concurrently with classroom instruction. Only SOWK 373-Practice III can be taken prior, concurrently, or after Field Placement.

E. A formal admission process must be completed before finishing SOWK 185. Admission is based on a combination of criteria including:
1) GPA
2) a grade of B or above in SOWK 170
3) references
4) personal statement and
5) suitability for professional social work practice.

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