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1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

The Honors Program

Richard Jussel , Director

Designed for students of high academic abilities, the Honors Program offers an exciting experience in the liberal arts tradition. Small classes enhance student-faculty interaction and increase opportunities for intellectual exploration. At the same time, this four-year program enriches and supplements all academic majors in the university. It also offers interdisciplinary seminars and an excellent opportunity for independent study. Students will mix with the larger university community and reap the benefits of social and professional variety.

Academic Aspects

The Honors Program offers a four-year program which requires that students complete twenty-four hours of Honors Courses. During the first two years students are required to take five three-hour courses from the General Studies Requirements. During the final two years, students must complete nine hours of Junior/Senior credits taken from their major fields of study.

Honors Courses within the General Studies:

A. ART 120H Seminar in Art Appreciation - 3 hours
This interdisciplinary course explores the development of major styles and periods in the history of western art and literature.
B. BIOL 315H Human Ecology - 3 hours
BIOL 315H demonstrates how environmental problems and controversies directly affect the individual.
C. ENG 101H Expository Writing - 3 hours
In this course the student will concentrate on the effective use of language through a rhetorical analysis of reading and writing.
D. ENG 235H American Studies - 3 hours
This interdisciplinary course focuses on literary and historical themes inherent in the American experience. The content of the course will vary in response to student interest.
E. ENG 240H Literary Classics 3 hours
This course investigates the creative expression of the human condition through the study of literary works from a variety of time periods.
F. GEOG 104H World Regional - 3 hours
This course emphasizes the interconnections between countries, regions and cultures as components of a larger world system in an effort to generate a better understanding of the world in which we live.
G. HIST/ENG 280H America-1960s - 3 hours
This interdisciplinary course examines the historical, literary, and social impact of the 1960s.
H. History,/
The requirement may be met by successfully completing any of the following courses: HIST 210H, 211H, 212H, 215H, 250H, or 251H.
I. HUM 224H Classical Studies in the Humanities - 3 hours
A General Studies course for Honors students. The course employs the methodology of the study of the humanities to study special topics across the disciplines of the humanities and the arts (Variable topics).
J. HUM 244H Contemporary Studies in the Humanities - 3 hours
A General Studies course for Honors students. The course employs the methodology of the study of the humanities to study special topics across the disciplines of the humanities and the arts (Variable topics).
K. PHIL 100H Introduction - 3 hours
This course is an introduction to the philosophical examination of major figures of Western thought.
L. PHIL 120H Introduction to Ethics - 3 hours
This is an introduction to a philosophical analysis of the idea of an ethical life: reading and critical discussion of both historical and contemporary sources.
M. PHYS 131H Newton's Universe - 4 hours
PHYS 132H Einstein's Universe - 4 hours
These courses are to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of science as a human activity, its historical role in shaping culture, its impact on the human condition and its philosophical implications for human destiny. PHYS 131H traces the development of scientific thought from pre-history to the eighteenth century while PHYS 132H traces this development from the end of the Scientific Revolution to the twenty-first century.
N. PSCI 110H American Political Heritage - 3 hours
An introductory study of the constitutional framework of American politics with an emphasis on defining and analyzing the important contemporary institutions and processes of the American republic.
O. PSY 210H Issue in Psychology - 3 hours
This course is an introduction to the field of psychology through exposure to unresolved theoretical issues. The student receives a review of psychology by dealing with data, evidence, opinion, fact and values.
P. SOC 200H Introduction to Sociology - 3 hours
SOC 200H explores the development of social systems, group formations and types of social organizations, and the nature of cultural and subcultural variations.
Q. SPAN 235H Latin American Novel - 3 hours
SPAN 235H exposes the student to representative Latin American novels and introduces the theory of the novel.
R. 280H Variable Topics - 1-3 hours
This course provides the student the opportunity for an Honors independent study. Courses are offered in a variety of academic disciplines approved by the Honors Committee.

Junior/Senior Requirements:

Honors Option Courses Variable Topics - 6 hours
Honors Option Courses are selected major courses from the various disciplines which the student may take as honors credit. The kind of study will vary from course to course and from discipline to discipline.
Senior Study Variable Topics - 3 hours
The Senior Study, taken during the senior year, is the culmination of the student's honors work directed by a professor in the major field.
Graduate Courses - 1-3 hours
A senior in the Honors Program may take one graduate course for Honors credit.

Admissions criteria

A. First-time freshmen must normally have a minimum ACT score of 26 or above, rank in the top 25% of their high school class and complete a written essay.
B. Upon completing 12 credit hours

students currently enrolled at UNK may apply for admission to the program. These students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average, must successfully complete an interview with the Honors Program Committee, and complete a written essay.


A. Twenty-five room-waiver scholarships have been designated for Honors students. Students who remain in the program and in good standing, may hold these scholarships for two years. Honors scholarship recipients may hold other tuition scholarships as well. Students may participate in the Honors Program without a scholarship
B. Two students in each incoming freshman class receive the Omaha World Herald/Kearney Daily Hub Scholarship. This scholarship provides tuition, books, fees and room for four years.

For additional information contact:

Richard Jussel, Director, Honors Program
Memorial Student Affairs Building
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE 68849-0001
Phone: 234-8497

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