University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Natural and Social Sciences

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Geography and Earth Science

Gordon Bennett, Chair
Professor: Stone
Associate Professors: Becker, Dart, Lind, Obia
Assistant Professor: Bennett

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Department Objectives

To acquaint students with the relationships that exist between people and the earth.

To develop an appreciation for: the Physical Earth and the processes affecting it; the effect of human habitation of the earth on a regional scale and its interrelationships with the Physical Earth; and the factors and processes affecting human activities and their distribution over the surface of the earth.

To offer courses which lead to the preparation of teachers of geography and earth science on the elementary and secondary levels.

Geography Major

Three major options are available:
I. Geography Option-Bachelor of Arts Degree or
Geography Option-Bachelor of Science Degree
II. Geography Comprehensive Option with Emphasis in Agriculture or Environment-Bachelor of Science Degree
III. Geography Teaching Subject Endorsement Option-Bachelor of Arts in Education or
Geography Teaching Subject Endorsement Option-Bachelor of Science in Education

See also the interdisciplinary major in Tourism and Travel, described in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation section of this catalog.

The minor in Geography is available for students pursuing majors in other disciplines. The Elementary Education major has a specially defined minor.

Geography participates in the Social Science Teaching Field Endorsement. See History for requirements.

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