University of Nebraska at Kearney
College of Business and Technology

1994-96 UNK Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Economics

Everett Sechtem, Chair
Professors: Blake, Sechtem
Associate Professors: Jenkins, Kotcherlakota, Marxsen
Assistant Professors: Eshleman, Hillburn
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Department Objectives

To educate the student in regard to the economic system;
To provide the student with the tools of analysis to enable effective reasoning about economic phenomena and economic problems;
To instill in the student a critical attitude of thinking in the fields of economic activity;
To provide a comprehensive program of course work for students desiring to concentrate their studies in the field of economics;
To offer diversity in subject matter so that a student may specialize in a ═career area╬ related to economics;
To serve as a center of economic education, guidance and counseling;
To prepare the student for graduate studies in economics, business or the social sciences;
To assist other departments and centers in problem-solving activities;
To stimulate scholarly economic research among students;
To promote among faculty and students applied research directed toward essential economic issues and problems;
To create an awareness among students as to the need for and use of research activities as a correlating device between classroom activities and current problems and issues.

Economics Major

Two options are available:
I. Economics Option-Bachelor of Arts Degree
or Economics Option-Bachelor of Science Degree
II. Economics Teaching Subject Endorsement Option-Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree

The minor in Economics is available for students pursuing majors in other disciplines.

The minor in Regional Economics is available for students interested in an integrated, analytical approach to regional economic problems in retail, industrial and agricultural firm location.

Economics participates in the Social Science Teaching Field Endorsement. See History for Requirements.

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